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The NFL needs to get rid of the preseason

From the Bleachers #74!

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles’ preseason game against the Patriots last Thursday was an absolute joke, a total sham.

The night was effectively over before it began. Eagles starter Jalen Hurts was removed from the lineup in the minutes leading up to kickoff. The Eagles sat their their stars along the offensive and defensive line. Their former All-Pro corner didn’t suit up. The Eagles 2s and 3s were matched up with New England’s 1s and what unfolded looked like a varsity-JV scrimmage in a 35-0 blowout.

The vibe from head coach Nick Sirianni seems to indicate that Hurts will not play again during the Eagles’ final preseason game against the Jets. If fans thought last week resembled the traditional fourth preseason game of years past, this week may feel even more sparse.

Just get rid of the preseason and move on!

These teams aren’t risking injury anymore. It looks like coaching staffs and front offices prefer joint practices in controlled environments more so than preseason games that are looking less and less like actual football. It’s a half-measure. Yes, the Eagles’ players, particularly the younger ones, need game-speed reps. Are we considering the preseason to even really be game speed at this point?

I wonder if in a decade we’ll look back and think it’s wild that starters ever played in the preseason or that there was one to begin with.

There are certain financial issues that would prevent this from happening, mainly those embarrassingly overpriced tickets, but the product is so watered down. When do we reach the point of diminishing returns?

The preseason, in its current disheveled state, is a disservice to the fans and the players. Cut them. Do three joint practices each week in August and host open practices at teams’ stadiums every Sunday. Fans don’t feel ripped off and are actively engaged during those open practices. They’re fun! Who actually has fun paying face value for a preseason game, driving all the way down to South Philly just to see a ghost of an Eagles team?

End-of-the-roster players previously made their names during the preseason, but guys like Jason Huntley and Quez Watkins did so during practices this summer without the need to showcase their skills in meaningless games.

What are we doing here?

I got into this during BGN Radio’s Instant Reaction Show last Friday with Jess Taylor, but on this week’s episode of From the Bleachers, I’m all-in on being all-out on the preseason:

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