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Howie Roseman voted most untrustworthy NFL general manager

33 NFL agents were polled.

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

A new NFL agent survey, courtesy of The Athletic, has stirred the pot today, particularly among Eagles media members and fans. Polling 33 agents who represent a wide array of players from around the league, the agents were asked what general manager or front-office leader they trusted the least. The person who received the most votes? Eagles exec Howie Roseman.

Seven of the 33 agents chose Roseman, pointing to him “playing both sides at all times” and lacking transparency in communications.

For what it’s worth, Patriots coach Bill Belichick finished second with six votes. That dude’s had a pretty good career! Former Eagles executive and current Jets general manager Joe Douglas was third with three votes. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree it seems.

I don’t necessarily think this is something the Eagles fans should be angry about. They should want their top front-office executive to extract as much value as possible and consistently try to win deals. There’s something to be said about how poor agent relations could affect the team’s ability to bring in big-name players in the future, but money talks and the Eagles have not been scared to hand out huge contracts during Jeff Lurie’s ownership tenure in Philadelphia.

In another noteworthy wrinkle, two agents said the Eagles had the worst offseason of all 32 teams. Their concerns relied on the Eagles’ Super Bowl core crumbling so quickly and the early tepid response to Nick Sirianni’s hire as head coach.

I’ve had no hesitation to criticize Roseman and the Eagles in the past, but this offseason has been a smart foot forward for the organization. The poor situation they found themselves in was certainly their own doing following poor drafts and decisions the last few seasons, but this offseason has been sound.

The team traded away a quarterback who supremely underperformed in 2020, got back great draft capital for him, picked up an extra future first-round pick from Miami along the way and drafted a Heisman Trophy winner. Sirianni’s early press conferences may have been a tad too Ted Lasso-like, but hearing the guy speak about Xs and Os and watching the way he interacts with players should boost people’s opinion of the first-time head coach.

Roseman’s standing among Eagles fans (and now agents too) might be shaky, but this should do nothing to take away from what could be a surprising football team this fall.

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