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Philadelphia ranked as the 2nd worst NFL city on game days


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Eagles fans fill the stands Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

“No one likes us and we don’t care,” is false. Philadelphians love getting riled up when someone spits some venom at the city. A new study from sports betting site The Action Network will have Eagles fans caring A LOT.

The findings of their analysis rate Philadelphia as the second-worst NFL city on game day, above only Chicago.


Their methodology reads as follows:

To create the gameday index, firstly, the data for the cost of watching a game was gathered. This included prices for beer, soft drinks, hot dogs, parking, and tickets. These were all normalised and summed to give a total “Cost Index”. As some costs are more important than others, it was necessary to weight them. All of the food indexes were given a weight of one. The parking was given a weight of three. The tickets were given a weight of five. Giving a total maximum score of 11.

After this data was gathered about the stadiums where people watch the game. Information was collected about the type of roof and the stadium capacity. Alongside this, Linkfluence was used to determine the number of positive posts on social media about the stadium from 01/07/2020 - 30/06/2021, to see whether or not visitors liked it.

This data was then normalised and summed to give a total “Stadium Index”. Like the prices, the factors here were also weighted according to importance. The roof type had a weight of one, whereas the capacity and social media sentiment each had a weight of three. Giving a total maximum score of 7.

The final data table was then created to summarise this data. An extra index looking at the number of NFL teams in the city was also added to this table. As more teams allow for a better opportunity to watch a good NFL game.

Following on from this the three indexes were then summed and ranked, to provide the final data set. The final score was out of 20.

Philadelphia’s score was 6.16. For reference, top-ranked Atlanta had a score of 12.72. As for NFC rivals, New York finished second (11.80), Dallas finished 19th (9.35) and Washington finished 21st (8.72).

Yeah, maybe Lincoln Financial Field isn’t spectacular nearly two decades into existence. Perhaps the food and beer is a little pricey at the Linc too. The vibes though? The VIBES? Philly breaks the model with a score of infinity out of 20. Parking costs? $50 to go tailgate will be the best $50 someone spends all week!

With a one-year break from a full-capacity Lincoln Financial Field, it’s time for Eagles fans to remind the world why Philadelphians can’t be beat when it comes to cultivating a game day atmosphere.

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