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Carson Wentz returning to practice is a good sign for the Eagles

This is big for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Carson Wentz injury watch continues on. It looks like the former Eagles quarterback will return to practice tomorrow following foot surgery that was said to keep him out between 5-12 weeks:

Wentz returning to the field has huge ramifications for the Eagles. The Birds own a conditional first-round pick from the Colts in 2022. If Wentz plays at least 75 percent of the Colts’ offense snaps or plays at least 70 percent of the snaps and Indy makes the playoffs, the Eagles will get their first rounder. If Wentz doesn’t reach those benchmarks, the Eagles will receive the Colts’ second-round selection instead.

The Eagles getting back a first from Indianapolis would be huge for their draft prospects in 2022, giving them three total firsts in addition to their own and the one they have from the Dolphins. At the very least, the Birds will be in a great position to restock their roster with young talent with four picks in the first two rounds.

People may complain about Eagles fans’ focus on Wentz even after the team traded him away, but it sure does have an impact on the franchise’s future. There is certainly an element of wanting to check your ex’s Instagram page too as Eagles fans keep tabs on Wentz’s success (or lack thereof) in Indianapolis.

Wentz looks to be getting back under center earlier than expected, but as Eagles fans know all too well when it comes to him, that might not be the most prudent decision for his overall health and performance.

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