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The NFC East is winnable for the Eagles

From the Bleachers #73!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC East was the laughingstock of the NFL in 2020. The division sent a 7-9 Washington team to the postseason. Even an Eagles team that finished with 4-11-1 was in the mix as late as Week 16. For a group of teams that draws more national headlines than any other, no one could be less deserving.

While it shouldn’t be as bad as it was last season, the NFC East still isn’t anywhere close to what it was in its early ‘90s heyday.

It’s a winnable division and the Eagles will be the last team standing, hosting a home playoff game come Saturday.

Mike McCarthy is using Austin Powers as a motivational tactic. Joe Judge has Giants players retiring during training camp. Ryan Fitzpatrick has cultivated this media-friendly, over-the-top personality, but the dude has played 16 years in the league and hasn’t been in a single big moment.

Dak Prescott’s injuries are piling up and it’s a concerning situation following how his 2020 season ended. Daniel “Danny Pennies” Jones is a joke. The stink of Daniel Snyder still infects the Washington Football Team. For what it’s worth, a team hasn’t repeated as a division-winner in the NFC East since George W. Bush’s first term in office.

The Eagles defense is going to be reinvigorated under Jonathan Gannon. The defensive line is FIERCE. Jalen Hurts, Quez Watkins and DeVonta Smith all ooze juice. Maybe this isn’t a truly good football team, but it sure is one good enough to win the craptastic NFC East.

A top-10 offensive line and a top-10 (at minimum) defensive line? That equates to winning football.

On the latest episode of From the Bleachers on BGN Radio, I make the case for an Eagles NFC East win and just cut up their three division rivals for 25-or-so minutes.

Also... calling penalties for taunting is DUMB.

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