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Surprise! Carson Wentz is back at Colts practice!

The former Eagles first round pick might get them another first round pick after all!

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, it looked like Carson Wentz was going to be out a significant portion of time and, potentially costing the Eagles a first round pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

Two weeks later, Indy’s new signal-caller is back and appears ready to resume his duties as the team’s starting QB.

Noted quick healer, Carson Wentz.

Seriously though, this is great news for Eagles fans, as a return to the practice field now makes it far more likely he begins the season under center for the Colts. If Wentz plays 75% of his team’s offensive snaps, or 70% of their snaps and they reach the postseason, the second round pick Philadephia received in return for Wentz will become a first-rounder.

No matter what you think of Wentz and how he left the team, this is good news.

Yes, it’s understandable many fans will feel anger at Wentz’ demand of a trade coming off one of the worst seasons we’ve seen an Eagles QB have since the Bobby Hoying days, and yes, Howie Roseman and the front office decision-makers have not done a good job using their first round picks in recent drafts.

But doesn’t that mean getting more picks earlier in the draft gives Roseman & Co. a better shot at hitting on at least some of them? And isn’t it better to have another first round pick to use as ammunition to potentially move up to the top of the first round to choose whatever college QB they want?

Doesn’t it make sense to have three first round picks to potentially use to trade for a veteran QB who may hit the market next off-season *cough Aaron Rodgers cough* if they so desire?

The switch from a second rounder to a first rounder is no small thing.

Let’s assume Wentz plays the 70% of snaps and the Colts make the playoffs, and let’s assume they get a late first round pick as a result, No. 25 overall. Now, let’s say they miss the playoffs without Wentz and get an early second round pick, No. 35 overall. That’s only 10 spots of difference, however, according to the NFL Draft Pick Calculator, the No. 25 overall pick is worth the same as the No. 35 overall pick and pick No. 85, which would be in the middle of the 3rd round.

In other words, a healthy Wentz and the first round pick that goes with it would be worth the same as an early 2nd rounder and a mid-3rd rounder. That’s huge value and reason enough to celebrate Wentz’ potential early return to the practice field.

Of course, the best case scenario is Wentz plays 75% of his team’s snaps, the Colts miss the playoffs and the Eagles get as high a first-round pick as possible.

But let’s just start with the goal of Wentz starting Week 1 and go from there.

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