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Who is the Eagles’ most underrated player?

Question of the day.

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Underrated/overrated conversations: underrated, overrated, or properly rated?

Regardless of your answer, we’ll be having some of those discussions here at Bleeding Green Nation. Starting today by asking: Who is the Eagles’ most underrated player?


Not a ton of great options to pick from when the offense isn’t very good. But I’ll go with Travis Fulgham here. Some might have him as their most overrated pick, saying that the multi-week stretch where he led the NFL in receiving yards was a total fluke. And maybe those skeptics will be proven right. But I’m not ready to give up on Fulgham. He was pretty dang impressive when he was at his peak last year! If the Eagles coaching staff can help light a fire under him and he responds well to it, he could be a quality starting X receiver for this team. He has size and talent. Just needs to be locked in from a mental standpoint. One can hope he learned from being benched last year. Maybe being around a total dog in DeVonta Smith can also help drive him?


Anthony Harris feels like the correct answer to the posed question. The veteran safety is seemingly being slept on. Harris had a down season in 2020 but he’s not too long removed from the Minnesota Vikings franchise tagging him. He was Pro Football Focus’s No. 1 graded safety in 2019 when he had six interceptions, allowed just a 44.2 passer rating, and missed just three tackles. Now reunited with his former position coach, Jonathan Gannon, Harris might bounce back and prove to be a good piece for Philly’s secondary.


If we’re looking back in time, I have to go with ... Terrell Owens. Longtime BGN readers will realize this is incredibly on-brand for me as a huge T.O. fan. But, really, he arguably owns the most underrated performance in Super Bowl history with his nine receptions for 122 yards on a severely sprained ankle and a fractured fibula requiring a screw in his leg! He was awesome and so fun to watch when things were going well. People got mad at him for wanting a new contract when the Eagles weren’t even paying him like the top 10 wide receiver he clearly was. The way things got ugly by the end of his brief tenure overshadowed how great T.O. was for the Eagles. (Have to give Tra Thomas an honorable mention here because 1) he’s a friend of BGN and 2) it does seem like he kind of gets forgotten.)


Sound off with your own picks with the following suggested format and/or roast me for mine in the comments!



For even more underrated conversation, check out this recent episode of the NFC East Mixtape podcast that I record weekly with RJ Ochoa from Blogging The Boys. RJ had some interesting (and wrong) picks for the Eagles’ most underrated players.

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