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Nathan Gerry waived by the 49ers

Former Eagles LB didn’t even make it to training camp with San Francisco.

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Certainly not much going on in the way of Philadelphia Eagles news these days but there is a former Eagles development that we’ve apparently deemed relevant enough to mention. The San Francisco 49ers officially waived Nathan Gerry on Tuesday afternoon.

The former Eagles linebacker originally signed with San Fran back in late March. He was never considered a lock to contribute or even make the roster this year since they gave him a minimum contract. Still, you would have thought he would’ve at least gotten a chance to theoretically “compete” for a spot on the team in training camp. Won’t be happening now.

Perhaps another team out there will give Gerry a look. The Kansas City Chiefs could be a team to watch since they employ former Eagles linebacker coach Ken Flajole, who often raved about Gerry. Or maybe it’s merely the end of the line for the 26-year-old. In any case, I doubt we’ll see the much-maligned Gerry returning to Philly.

The 49ers were previously tied for the NFL lead in former Eagles players rostered with five. Without cheating, can you name the four that remain? (Click here for the exciting answers.)

Compensatory pick note: Gerry never qualified towards the Eagles’ formula since he signed a minimum deal. The Eagles aren’t projected to receive any comp picks in next year’s draft.

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