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Eagles training camp Day 3 wrap up: More coach and player interviews

Eagles wrapped up Day 3 of training camp on Friday and there was another parade of players to stop and talk to reporters after practice including Ryan Kerrigan, Jake Elliott, and Darius Slay. We also got to hear from special teams coordinator Michael Clay and new Aussie punter Arryn Siposs.

Here’s what some of the guys had to say:

Special Teams Coordinator Michael Clay

Clay said that Jalen Reagor has been doing well — as has all the returners — and they’ve been working with him on seeing the ball better than last year and getting him some work with the jugs machine. He smiled when asked about DeVonta Smith and whether he’d be returning punts in-season, and noted that’ll be a conversation between himself, Nick Sirianni and Howie Roseman, but they want to make sure he’s comfortable in the role because you never know what’s going to happen.

He was asked who has stood out so far on special teams, and he admitted that it’s tough to say after just three days, but the whole group has been attentive and energetic, and it’s been great so far.

DE Ryan Kerrigan

“Despite being in Washington for 10 years, it doesn’t really feel weird. The guys have been super welcoming to me, really everyone around the building has been, and it’s been a fun couple of days so far getting going with training camp. I’m glad that we’re getting started and getting back to ball.”

The short time he’s been in Philly has reinforced his decision to sign with the Eagles. Kerrigan also pointed out DC Jonathan Gannon’s energy and attention to detail as two things have stood out the past couple of days. As far as what’s stood out in terms of the scheme, Kerrigan noted the versatility that it provides.

When asked about the NFL’s protocols regarding COVID vaccinations, Kerrigan was quick to laud the fact that they worked for the league last year and they were able to get through the season and play all the games — and feel safe playing every game. He noted everyone has a choice to make, so the important thing is just following the protocols as they’re laid out, but he wouldn’t answer whether he was vaccinated. (Note: Per NFL protocols, only players who are unvaccinated are required to wear masks during their time off the field, including in media sessions.)

K Jake Elliott

When asked about his drop in production last season, Elliott noted that confidence is really important as a kicker and that was something he battled with throughout the season. He went on to say that he had a really good offseason and was able to look back and try and eliminate some of the mental issues — he called them swing thoughts, like a golfer — he dealt with.

P Arryn Siposs

Siposs talked about moving up to Philly in May to get in as much work with Jake Elliott and Rick Lovato as he could, and while he feels great not having another punter to compete with in camp, he acknowledges he has to challenge himself every day to be sure he keeps the spot.

The Aussie punter also noted that he did speak with Cameron Johnston before joining the team, and was encouraged that the former Eagle had a lot of positive things to say about the group. He admitted, though, there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve because the reality is he hasn’t played an NFL game, yet.

Despite playing college ball in the SEC he spent last season on the Lions’ practice squad, and he got a lot of practice outside in the elements and cold weather. So, he feels confident that he’ll be successful for Philly, even later in the season.

CB Darius Slay

Slay is excited that Steve Nelson chose to sign with Philly, and he’s someone that Slay has been familiar with since college. Nelson has been quick to pick things up so far in training camp, with Slay pointing out the advantage to having a whole new coaching staff and system, so it’s a bit of a learning curve for everyone.

Through the first few days of camp, Slay has been tasked with covering rookie DeVonta Smith, and he was quick to say that the receiver understands a lot for being a young guy. Slay has encouraged Smith to ask questions and let him help however he can, including with little technique things and small details to get him winning one-on-one situations.

Slay was quick to admit that he looks at the schedule as soon as it’s posted to see which receivers he’ll be facing during the season, especially because a lot of them have the same tendencies year-after-year. He was asked whether he was excited to play Detroit, but Slay joked that he would’ve only been amped for it Matt Patricia was still the coach.

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