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Weapon X Mailbag: Will Nick Sirianni have a more balanced offense than Doug Pederson?

Plus: I Think You Should Leave talk!

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NFL: OCT 18 Bengals at Colts Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

61 days.

Let’s get to the questions...


@BingnearLarry: Will Nick Sirianni have a balanced offense instead of being pass-happy like Doug Pederson was?

No. Throwing the ball wasn’t just an Andy Reid philosophy. It wasn’t just a Doug Pederson philosophy. It’s an Eagles organizational philosophy. Jeffrey Lurie wants to be on the next frontier of the football world and he wants the Eagles to be a pass-heavy team. Did we already forget him reportedly being mad about the team running the ball too much in an emotional win at Lambeau Field in 2019?

The Eagles will never run the ball as much as you, your annoying uncle, an angry dude in your Twitter replies, or a fool who calls into sports radio wants. That’s a top-down outlook on NFL offense, one that extends from Lurie to Howie Roseman to whoever is the head coach.

The Colts had an effective backfield in 2020, using Jonathan Taylor as a feature back with Nyheim Hines working as a pass-catcher. If you asked an Eagles fan who wants to run the ball more if the Eagles should use Miles Sanders the way Indy used Taylor, the answer would be a resounding yes. Taylor averaged 17.8 touches per game last year. Sanders averaged 16. It’s not the difference you think.

This is the offense. This has been the offense for the entire time I’ve followed the team. Fans have had over 20 years to get used to a pass-heavy offensive attack.

The idea of taking components of Baltimore’s offense, a heavy rushing attack featuring Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and J.K. Dobbins, intrigues me. Would that system work with Jalen Hurts, Sanders, and Kenny Gainwell? I doubt we’ll ever find out.


@boobie_styles: Is there anyone better at yelling, cursing, and making funny faces than Tim Robinson and who would you compare him to in each category? I’d say maybe Lewis Black, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bill Hader.

The first person who pops into my head as a “just looking at their face will make me explode” type is Jack Black in School of Rock. That was just one role, however, just one character. What Tim Robinson has been able to do with a host of different characters in two seasons of I Think You Should Leave, all linked in their absurdity and the way they eschew social norms, is incredible.

I can appreciate the complexity of Karl Havoc, but I’m still going to be screaming and falling off the couch even more just looking at Tim say, “I DIDN’T RIG SHIT!” in the Corncob TV sketch.

@detective_jamie: Any season 2 sketches that just didn’t hit for you? For me, I couldn’t shake the idea that the credit card roulette sketch would have been so much better with Tim than John early.

Credit Card Roulette was a dud. I like John Early. I’d suggest checking out his episode of The Characters on Netflix (after obviously watching Robinson’s). This one just didn’t work for me after two watches. Maybe it’ll hit later on, but that was the bottom of Season 2.

@GiallorossiYank: What was your favorite segment for I think you should leave season 2? I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Diner season re: classic cars, hahahaha.

Coffin Flop is the hardest I’ve laughed since I saw the Turbo Team burst onto the screen more than two years ago. The diner scene is up there for me too. What a perfect role for Bob Odenkirk.

@EROCK_Eagles: Am I the only one who still can’t get over the fact that they called infinity stones “paperweights”? I haven’t watched the last two just based on that. Tony Stark died for those things you assholes @Marvel.

Well, they’re from different parts of the multiverse, right? While it was a little throwaway joke, perhaps we’ll see that use of the Infinity Stones (or rather the lack of use) explored as we get into more multiverse craziness in this December’s Spider-Man film and the Doctor Strange sequel next year.

@frankenlincoln: 1. Do you think the Richard E .Grant Loki’s backstory of escaping death-by-Thanos could be an out for the original recipe MCU Loki or is it just fan service for the theories that existed out there for people wishing that’s how he got away?...

Does anyone do fan service better than Marvel Studios? While the MCU may not be self-aware tonally at times, they sure are aware of the fervor that oozes (maybe oozes too much) from their fan base. I lean more towards the latter.

Random Thanos note: I need more info on the Thanoscopter!

@Alex_Nooge: Favorite Loki? And why is it Alligator Loki?

Why were we robbed of an Alligator Loki vs. Throg battle? This should be a future animated series after they air the What If...? episodes.

I wonder if the inclusion of “King Loki” (who could also be referred to as Young Loki) as a hint that he’ll be in an inevitable iteration of the Young Avengers down the line. You already have Katie Bishop, Cassie Lang, Tommy and Bill out there. It’s only a matter of time before a movie called Young Avengers makes $2 billion. Maybe Young Avengers vs. Dark Avengers? Make that $2.5 billion.

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