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Eagles News: Philadelphia makes list of most underrated NFL teams

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/12/21.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL’s most underrated teams ahead of 2021 season: Vikings among overlooked challengers - CBS Sports
Philadelphia Eagles — How can a team that just won the Super Bowl a few years ago already be one of the NFL’s most underrated teams? Feast your eyes on the Eagles’ 2020 season, when organizational dysfunction and a historic regression from a former MVP candidate resulted in a total overhaul of both the team’s staff and QB spot. It’s back to square one in Philadelphia, where first-time head coach Nick Sirianni has been tasked with injecting creative energy into a plan that quickly went stale under Doug Pederson. Almost no one, from a national perspective, seems to be buying the possibility of the ex-Colts coordinator surprising out of the gate, with young Jalen Hurts under center. But couple the fresh staff with Hurts’ mobility, a healthier offensive line, a new No. 1 wideout in DeVonta Smith and some decent veterans on “D,” and a late challenge for the always-open NFC East title isn’t nearly as crazy as it sounds.

The reason why the Philadelphia Eagles logo is the only NFL team logo facing left - BGN
Slowly, you start to wonder... what’s the story behind it? Why isn’t the Eagles logo facing right like other teams? (Or why aren’t the other teams just facing left?) Well, this wasn’t something I realized until just recently, but the answer seems fairly obvious. Just looks at the Eagles logo again. [BLG Note: It’s been over seven years since I published the highest trafficked article in BGN history. Enjoy for the first time if you previously missed it.]

Ranking the NFL’s top 10 interior offensive linemen for 2021: Execs, coaches, players make their picks - ESPN+
Centers and guards also receiving votes: Brandon Brooks, G, Philadelphia Eagles: “Should be high on the list. I think he’s just easily forgotten about because of the injuries.” — AFC exec [...] Jason Kelce, C, Philadelphia Eagles: “Still love the player, but he’s approaching the end.” — AFC scout

Eagles Extra Q&A: How good can the young wide receiver group be? Is Steven Nelson still a possibility in free agency? -
The problem for both sides is perceived value. Goedert’s numbers (137 catches for 1,465 yards and 12 touchdowns) aren’t in line with top-of-the-market money entering this season. That’s why both sides might choose to wait until the first month or two of the season to see what Goedert accomplishes as the top TE. If Ertz is shipped out, the Eagles will definitely focus more on wide receiver play than tight end usage, so Goedert is likely to be the lone player at his position on the field for the majority of games. Both sides would benefit from waiting this out into the regular season. While Goedert wants to get paid, his ability to earn top-five money will be improved by a strong start to the season. The Eagles shouldn’t rush to give Goedert cash without seeing his upside as a full-time starter.

Eagles mailbag: N’Keal Harry, food spreads, Ben Simmons, and Philly team power rankings - PhillyVoice
Ha, I was unaware that my [Eagles writer] colleagues were Ben Simmons haters. I can’t speak for them, but personally, I’m not at all a fan of his game, and if he’s still on the team next year it’s going to be hard for me to watch. We can do all the mental gymnastics we want to excuse his style of play, but he’s afraid to execute the main objective of the sport (make the ball go through the basket), and in my opinion, his other skills are overrated. Maybe that makes me sort of Neanderthal fan who doesn’t appreciate how he narrows passing lanes on defense, and other such apologist nonsense? I don’t know. But if indeed we (Eagles media) as a group are harder on him than the average commentator, I’ll throw out a hypothesis. Maybe it’s because football culture is so geared toward constant improvement, competition, love of the sport, etc., and we view Simmons as an immensely gifted physical athlete who should be getting better, but never really does? And then also, as “fans” of basketball as opposed to “BIG J journalists” when we’re covering football, maybe our criticisms on Twitter and the like sound more complainy, when we might attempt to have a more measured tone if criticizing a player in the sport we cover?

Blake Jarwin’s return has been one of the least talked about Dallas Cowboys storylines this offseason - Blogging The Boys
Still, though, Jarwin’s athleticism and prowess in the passing game should be welcomed back with open arms. The Cowboys aren’t exactly short on options for Dak Prescott to throw to, but the more the merrier and all that jazz. More Jarwin also offers the Cowboys more than just a choice between he and Dalton Schultz. With two capable tight ends on the roster Kellen Moore can integrate 12 personnel more frequently, although taking anybody off of the field in favor of that is a tough decision. Still, though, the option exists which is a positive thing.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers plans to ‘figure things out in a couple weeks’ -
“I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this week,” Rodgers said. “And then I’m going to get back to working out and figure things out in a couple weeks.” His timetable tracks neatly with the start of training camp (the Packers are due to report on July 27). Though Rodgers skipped Green Bay’s entire offseason program, camp was long seen as the moment of truth between the franchise and its star quarterback. It’s when the fines become greater and the absences more detrimental to preparation for the season. After 16 years in the NFL, Rodgers knows the value of that time. He and the Packers don’t have much more of it before resolving how they’ll proceed. The offseason began with Rodgers determined to extend his tenure multiple years with the only NFL team he’s known. It’s almost over and he’s still uncertain about what to do this year. But clarity for all is coming soon.


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