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Nick Foles was in a X-Men comic book from Marvel this week

We always knew Nick was a superhero.

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I’m not sure there has ever been a bit of news that was more on-brand for me. As Bleeding Green Nation’s resident comic book expert, imagine my surprise when I saw Nick Foles tweet this yesterday:

Marauders is one of the many X-Men-related series that Marvel Comics is currently publishing. Mauraders #21, written by Gerry Duggan with art from Matteo Lolli, kicks off the X-Men’s summer comic event, the Hellfire Gala. Think of it as the mutant version of the Met Gala, where the X-Men world of characters dress in outrageous outfits to showcase their new island nation of Krakoa.

As someone who reads these issues regularly, I could not wait to get to my local comic book store, Brave New Worlds in Old City, to check this out. It didn’t seem real! Wouldn’t you know, Nick Foles is in fact right there in an X-Men comic. My worlds collided:

Move over, Brian Dawkins. We know you’re Weapon X, but BDN has schmoozed it up with Emma Frost and Conan O’Brien. He might have you beat there.

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