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DeVonta Smith just gifted his mom a new house

Props to DeVonta!

NCAA Football: Heisman Trophy Presentation Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

With the Sixers a colossal disappointment and the Phillies embarrassing themselves daily, Philadelphia fans will take anything positive when it comes to their sports teams. Though it’s not an on-field matter, DeVonta Smith did something that fits that billing. Going off his Instagram page, the Heisman Trophy winner and Eagles rookie just bought his mom a new house:

Talk about a heartwarming video!

The Eagles, even coming off possibly their worst season of the 21st century, are the next team that can inspire hope for this city. With Smith in town to link up with new head coach Nick Sirianni and an improving Jalen Hurts, maybe this team is ready to be the top dog in Philly once again.

Smith is an easy player to root for on the field because he’s otherworldly talented. It just so happens that applies to him as a personal overall too, as seen with the genuine relationship he has with his mother.

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