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Eagles Question of the Day: What are some reasonable expectations for Nick Sirianni’s first year as head coach?

There are more than a few question marks about what the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles will look like — from how the roster shakes out, to what this extremely young coaching staff will be able to put together. At the helm is first time head coach Nick Sirianni, who has energy in spades, and from the sound of things, really leans into competition in all facets of life, on and off the field.

The young energy from both the depth chart and coaching staff definitely lends to excitement about the potential for this team a few years out, but we’re heading into Year 1 and I’m personally setting my expectations low. I prefer to set the bar low and be pleasantly surprised, rather than predict big things and be let down — like I’ve been the past three seasons...

With that said, I hope to see a more balanced offense that utilizes the run game and can find success with explosive plays by the receivers. I want to see an offense that fans can be excited about with continual improvement, rather than collapsing halfway through the season. Sirianni has often talked about improving one percent every single day, and I’d like to see that prove true throughout the season and for the team to finish stronger than they start.

Until we have a better idea of what the depth chart is going to look like, I’m going to save any sort of season-record predictions, but things have to be better than last year.

What are some of your (reasonable) expectations for Nick Sirianni’s first year as head coach?

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