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Answering your Eagles mailbag questions about top BLE players and more

BGN Radio Episode 187!

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The dreaded dead zone is officially here, which means there isn’t much going on in terms of Philadelphia Eagles news. So, in order to fill out this week’s BGN Radio episode, Jimmy Kempski and I answered your mailbag questions on the podcast.

Question from Howard Willard: For each of you. Top 5 BLE (Big Loser Energy) guys since you covered the team. [BLG Note: Jimmy and I each came up with a top 10. A certain former Eagles quarterback made both of our lists.]

Question from Tawanna: The Eagles have two QBs on their active roster weeks before camp ... what gives?! The position they value the most, and they only have two guys, a second-round pick they aren’t sure about and a costly and aging vet! Does this seem fishy to you guys? And who do you think might be brought in?

Question from Michael Gelbert: Would you think a Gardner Minshew for Zach Ertz trade makes sense at all?

Question from Danny: Zach Ertz is gonna stay, isn’t he?

Question from Skeletor P. Funk: What were your impressions from the position coach interviews? I thought they were all pretty encouraging. It always seemed to me that Doug Pederson wasn't great at hiring his staff (looking at you Carson Walch) but this staff seems really with it to me.

Question from Coach T: Is Travis Fulgham a lock to make the team?

Question from Jeff Foote: Any indication or idea of where Alshon Jeffery might end up?

Question from DrSuess1182: I thought Jamie Newman was the truth and now he is gone... Where oh where did Eagles Twitter lead me wrong?

Question from Lonely Guyland: What’s Kenny Gainwell’s ceiling? Could he be the primary back if Miles Sanders went down or just fell off a cliff?

Question from Tame Currents 1990: How do you feel about the renewed Andre Dillard off-season talk? Do we trust Jeff Stoutlan’ds assessment that Dillard looks more invested?

Question from Marc Rivera: Who’s winning the job: Dillard or Jordana Mailata? Who SHOULD win the job?

Question from Craig V: Which Eagles draft pick was more forgettable: Randall Evans or Alex McAlister? Who was the most forgettable pick in the last decade?

Question from gmd11284: Jimmy, which rag-armed 3rd string QB Matt wanted to beat you up more? Barkley or McGloin?

Question from Jimmy for Brandon: What feuds have you had with players?

Question from Anthony Mingioni: Favorite Rita’s Water Ice flavor at training camp? I think Pear was pretty close to MVP level.

Question from Neil Dutton: Any plans for the “dead zone” until training camp?

In addition to answering all of these questions, Jimmy and I also touched on the Richard Rodgers re-re-re-re-signing and how the Julio Jones trade impacted the Eagles. Check it out below [or click here] to listen:

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