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Cowboys fan says Howie Roseman is the NFC East’s best general manager


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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, Blogging The Boys’ RJ Ochoa and I assembled the All-NFC East offense. Last week, we assembled the All-NFC East defense. So, it was only that we capped things off this week with the All-NFC East special teams unit. I mean, don’t you want to see Rick Lovato get his due?

But to spice things up even further, RJ and I also decided to add the All-NFC East general manager and All-NFC East head coach designations to our team. You might be surprised to learn that a Cowboys fan actually picked Howie Roseman as the division’s top executive. An excerpt from this week’s NFC East Mixtape podcast, which lives on both the Bleeding Green Nation and Blogging The Boys podcast feeds:

OCHOA: In the spirit of spicing things up, we should talk about general managers first. I have a take and I’m curious if you agree. So, if you want me to go first, I will …

BLG: Yeah.

OCHOA: Okay. Again, I’m sorry to you and to all BGN listeners who — again, I am Eagles fans’ favorite Cowboys fan. We’ve established this.

BLG: You’re wrong. You’re already wrong. I know who you’re going to say and you’re wrong but say it anyway.

OCHOA: This is not like a game of this person is good at this particular job. And sometimes it works out that way when we’re filling out the All-NFC East team. But sometimes it is this person is just the best of the worst. And that is the case here. It is Howie Roseman. It is! I’m sorry. It’s Howie Roseman. And, if anything, you have said several times Howie Roseman is great — I don’t know if you’ve said it that way. But he’s great at finding value. If I’m going to have anything at all, at least I’ll have a lot of value associated with the rest of this team. And that’s not horrible. You talked about winning a Super Bowl as sort of a trump card in this particular game [with Rick Lovato], Howie Roseman did build a monster of a team that won a Super Bowl. Granted, he destroyed it. But the answer is Howie Roseman. Nobody else comes anywhere close.

RJ is right (for once) in that it’s not exactly the most competitive field to pick from. Dave Gettleman has been less of a joke lately but there’s no way he’s the top dog. If we’re talking about Dallas, are we going Will McClay or Jerry Jones? And are either of them truly deserving? Washington could have the strongest case against Roseman, though it’s not exactly clear who’s representing them. Kyle Smith is gone and Marty Hurney is new as Ron Rivera’s consigliere. Does the credit go to Doug Williams?

And so, yeah, the pick kind of comes back to Roseman by default. The Eagles GM certainly won’t be lacking the opportunity to redeem himself but there’s much goodwill to be earned back.


Which NFC East team employs the best top personnel decision-maker?

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As far as the head coach goes, RJ and I once again had a debate about Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera. It’s not even that I truly love the latter as much as I am entirely skeptical of the former. I think RJ is drinking the Cowboys kool-aid. What say you?


Who deserves to be the All-NFC East head coach?

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  • 78%
    Ron Rivera
    (1570 votes)
  • 2%
    Mike McCarthy
    (46 votes)
  • 4%
    Joe Judge
    (92 votes)
  • 14%
    Nick Sirianni
    (300 votes)
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