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Howie Roseman says the Eagles want to “see [Jalen Hurts] grab the job and kind of run with it”

The GM talked about getting as much information and film as they can on the quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles Announce Howie Roseman As New General Manager Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Eagles GM Howie Roseman hopped on to talk to SiruisXM NFL Radio Thursday and gave some insight into their plan with quarterback Jalen Hurts and how they’re hoping to have some more games to evaluate his long-term potential.

“You’re judging him off of four NFL starts in a tough situation with all the injuries that we had. We wanna see him grab the job and kind of run with it, and see what you do over a period of time.”

Howie went on to say that the more you can see a player play, the more you can make decisions on that player — which is something that even goes into whether they extend players early or wait to see their full body of work — and that applies with Hurts.

“We want to be in a situation where we get as much information as possible, give him the best opportunity, you know, build that offensive line, give him the right weapons, put him in a system that really maximizes his ability, and then go from there.”

This is a little more committal to the second-year QB than the team — Roseman and head coach Nick Sirianni — have been, at least publicly, this offseason. There’s been a whole lot of talk about competition being an important part of the culture they’re building, and that extends to the quarterback position, as well. But, Roseman’s take on Friday certainly implies that they’re going to see what Hurts can do with this opportunity, and it’s his job to take or lose.

For his part, Hurts has already been playing the part, getting in workouts with most of the offensive skill players over the past couple months.

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