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Eagles 2021 NFL Draft Prediction Game Results

And your winner is ...

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 annual Bleeding Green Nation draft prediction game results are in!

It was a competitive field as there were a total of 118 entries. Before we get to the results, let’s recap the Eagles’ 2021 draft class:

1 (10) - DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

2 (37) - Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama

3 (73) - Milton Williams, DT, Louisiana Tech

4 (123) - Zech McPhearson, CB, Texas Tech

5 (150) - Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis

6 (189) - Marlon Tuipulotu, DT, USC

6 (191) - Tarron Jackson, DE, Coastal Carolina

6 (224) - JaCoby Stevens, LB, LSU

7 (234) - Patrick Johnson, LB, Tulane

Now for your winner ... eaglenomics! They were one of two BGN members to get three draft picks correct and they won the entry time tie-breaker. They also only took 10 name entries (as opposed to the maximum of 11) to get three picks correct considering they listed DeVonta Smith twice for some reason. Congratulations!

Top runner-up GottaBeGreen deserves a shoutout for getting the Eagles’ first three picks correct. Job well done.

The grand prize for our winner is a highly coveted BGN logo t-shirt. (I’ll be reaching out in the near future for details on how to claim the winning.)

Here are some competition stats for you:

  • 73.7% of those who entered got at least one pick right. That’s an improvement from last year’s mark of 59.3%. Of course, it helped that the Eagles were picking earlier this year.
  • Only 6.77% got at least two picks correct. 1.69% got at least three correct.
  • 72 commenters got DeVonta Smith, 8 got Milton Williams, 8 got Kenny Gainwell, 7 got Landon Dickerson, 2 got Tarron Jackson, and 1 got Marlon Tuipulotu. Nobody guessed Zech McPhearson, JaCoby Stevens, or Patrick Johnson.
  • 7 commenters made one entry that turned out to be a UDFA signing. Note: this doesn’t count towards final scoring, it’s a “just for fun” category.

See below for full 2020 results. Click the column header to sort the table. Use the search bar to see how you did. Thanks to everyone who participated. Congrats again to our winner: eaglenomics

2021 BGN Draft Prediction Contest Results

Username Correct Picks UDFA (Just for fun)
Username Correct Picks UDFA (Just for fun)
tavernmike 0
EsurientC 1 DeVonta Smith
ablesser88 1 DeVonta Smith
EaglesPhan53 1 DeVonta Smith
Lvona0304 1 DeVonta Smith
Jkirbs7 1 DeVonta Smith
Domonate 1 DeVonta Smith
SakPrescott 0
dp03 1 DeVonta Smith
89Tremaine 1 Kenny Gainwell
CaliforniaEaglesFan 1 DeVonta Smith
JBone27 0
alucas 1 DeVonta Smith
TheCoxishere 1 DeVonta Smith
mac91red 2 DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson
MulletMan10 1 DeVonta Smith
TheNationalBird 1 DeVonta Smith
Pmiloradovich 1 DeVonta Smith
KupoRen 0 Jamie Newman
Wally Hayman 1 Landon Dickerson
Aaron Fortin 1 DeVonta Smith
phillyphaninmd 0 Jamie Newman
XONPT 1 DeVonta Smith
Fritz & Alice 1 DeVonta Smith
DrVenkman9 1 DeVonta Smith
ItownBallers22 1 DeVonta Smith
MileHighEaglesFly 0
AJ_Slide 0
irunMileslikeSanders 1 DeVonta Smith
mitch.m 0
Zach Siskind 1 DeVonta Smith
Leo Bedio 1 DeVonta Smith
WeberDB30 1 DeVonta Smith
Carson Wentzs ACL 1 DeVonta Smith Jamie Newman
SuperBigMan 2 DeVonta Smith, Tarron Jackson
adammac2 1 Kenny Gainwell
Philly21 1 DeVonta Smith
EaglesCourtMarshall 0 Jamie Newman
eaglefromthenorth91 1 Kenny Gainwell
jawsofdeath 0
Lip-Out 0
eric.toth 1 Milton Williams
4for4ryan 2 DeVonta Smith, Milton Williams
eaglenomics 3 DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson, Kenny Gainwell
TheNerlensWall 1 DeVonta Smith
Dsmith922 1 DeVonta Smith
DonCornelious 0
WhatAreYouDawkinsAbout 1 DeVonta Smith
RideHighTide 1 DeVonta Smith
GottaBeGreen 3 DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson, Milton Williams
Markymarkz 1 DeVonta Smith Jack Stoll
CTBirdGang 1 DeVonta Smith
thisislocks 1 DeVonta Smith
Elliptical Man 1 DeVonta Smith
jhn 1 DeVonta Smith
opm6065 1 DeVonta Smith
ASK 1 DeVonta Smith
Philly_Philly 1 DeVonta Smith Jamie Newman
PhillyEagles2011 1 Milton Williams
smittybanton 0
NebraskanEagle 1 DeVonta Smith
Octavio14 1 DeVonta Smith
salvation_reagor 1 Kenny Gainwell
Golden Graham 0
TheRealGreenLand 1 DeVonta Smith
stags066 1 DeVonta Smith
Jonah Samuels 1 DeVonta Smith
kenc08054 0
Corn_husker 1 DeVonta Smith
gerouxman1956 0
JASON KELCE 1 DeVonta Smith
Vjnce 1 DeVonta Smith
NJBammer 0
Empty soul 1 Landon Dickerson
Birdmen1 0
Mother_Trucker 1 DeVonta Smith
Italian Eagle 1 DeVonta Smith
Weagles 1 Kenny Gainwell
20Safety_Hazard 1 DeVonta Smith
Fletchdog 1 DeVonta Smith Jack Stoll
ImtheDon 1 Milton Williams
jakeslavish 1 DeVonta Smith
longlivesimba 1 DeVonta Smith
Joko1012 1 DeVonta Smith
sanford simons 1 DeVonta Smith
Stephen04270133 0
MichaelK314 1 Milton Williams
nickmelocik 1 DeVonta Smith
jhiphop 0
BleedingGreenHaitian 2 DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson
Eagles-BU18 0
EBFunk20 0
BG_Greane 0
gubby 1 Milton Williams
jds215 1 Marlon Tuipulotu
LewishamBallack 0
AltoonaEaglesfan 1 DeVonta Smith
TheWentzAndFutureKing 1 Milton Williams
justkb 1 Kenny Gainwell
mofwood 1 DeVonta Smith
RachAttack 2 DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson
staylor2718 1 DeVonta Smith
EaglesFan9 1 DeVonta Smith
ei78 0
JStrubert 0
wojtkiewicz 1 DeVonta Smith
EagleNut 1 DeVonta Smith
Shady is an Eagle! 1 DeVonta Smith
GO_E_A_G_L_E_S 1 DeVonta Smith
EaglesBlitzed 1 DeVonta Smith
MatthewMadonna 0
mlbsports23 2 DeVonta Smith, Tarron Jackson
For Who For What 0
T0ro 1 DeVonta Smith
Red Rifle 1 DeVonta Smith
D_Will09 0
skipcarl99 0

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