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All-NFC East offense team features four Eagles players

What’s your squad look like?

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If you were tasked with building the best possible offense out of only current NFC East players, what would it look like? Who are the best 11 starters?

That’s the assignment RJ Ochoa and I gave ourselves for the latest NFC East Mixtape episode, which lives on both the Bleeding Green Nation and Blogging The Boys podcast feeds.

You can listen to the show for the entire results but, for you non-podcast people out there, I’ll let you know that the Philadelphia Eagles finished with four out of the 11 starting spots. At least on my edition of the list, which differs a bit from RJ’s list and then the master edition we created.

Center - Jason Kelce

Duh. Who else are you putting ahead of him? The only interesting question at this spot is if Kelce is a Hall of Famer or not. Based on historical precedent in terms of Pro Bowl appearances and such, Kelce currently isn’t a lock. But you might be interested to know that even a Cowboys fan thinks he should be. Potentially the first thing RJ’s ever been right about.

Right tackle - Lane Johnson

Get out of town if you’re putting La’el Collins above Lane. Arguably underrated from the standpoint that he’s one of the best overall tackles in the NFL, not just one of the best right tackles.

Tight end - Dallas Goedert

Unless they’re fed up with his drops and injuries, which seems possible, Giants fans might argue for Evan Engram here. I wouldn’t. I think there’s a respectable case for Logan Thomas, who outperformed Goedert last season. I’m not including Zach Ertz, who seems headed out the door and is coming off a poor year anyway.

Wide receiver (3rd out of 3 WR spots) - DeVonta Smith

I saved my spiciest pick for last. Many will claim this decision is too aggressive but I don’t care. I’m very bullish (not bearish) on Smith’s outlook, in case you somehow didn’t know. And Smith’s versatility factored in here. So did the sake of podcast discussion, which wouldn’t be as fun if RJ and I agreed on literally every position.


You might be interested to know only the Cowboys finished with more players on the All-NFC East offense than the Eagles did. Again, check out the entire podcast by [clicking here] or streaming below. Additional topics include the story of how I beat Nick Sirianni in RPS and Jaylon Smith displaying BLE yet again.

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And since you asked, yes, that IS a cool new NFC East Mixtape logo you’re seeing. Here’s a closer look:

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Post your own All-NFC East offense in the comment section below. Here’s the format we used as a guide:












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