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Podcast: Ryan Kerrigan’s fit, Jalen Hurts confidence meter, and Eagles presser takeaways

BGN Radio Episode 184!

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Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In case you missed it, there’s a new BGN Radio podcast up on the Bleeding Green Nation podcast feed. Jimmy Kempski and I got together to discuss the latest in Philadelphia Eagles news.


  • Anything to glean from a small window to watch Eagles rookie minicamp? Other than the juice that DeVonta Smith brings being real.
  • The Eagles signed Ryan Kerrigan. How exactly does he fit in Philly? Is there any downside to the move?
  • What to make of the Josiah Scott trade.
  • Eagles players are attending a modified version of spring workouts. Eagles players not named Zach Ertz, that is. What’s the likeliest outcome to happen with him: trade, cut, or stay?


  • Our takeaways from the Eagles’ player and coordinator press conferences. Jalen Hurts’ confidence, Jason Kelce’s honest admission, our first chat with Jonathan Gannon.
  • The novel concept of coaches scheming to player’s strengths instead of being stubborn!
  • A huge dog enters the conversation.


  • Is PFF crazy to say that Hurts is the NFL’s second-worst starting quarterback?
  • What to make of the Eagles being favored to win just 2 of their 17 games.

All that and more in this episode! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN or use the embedded player below:

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