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Eagles News: Philadelphia owns 3 of the NFC East’s worst 8 contracts

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/23/21.

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New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The 10 worst contracts in the NFC East - PhillyVoice
8) Joe Flacco. [...] In his initial press conference with Philly media, Flacco was asked several different ways about a possible mentorship relationship with Hurts. While Flacco made sure to say that he would support Hurts, he also made it clear to point out that he was there to compete. Can’t blame him. Including the playoffs, the guy has started 190 games over his career. Making the transition to anything else can’t be easy. But certainly, Flacco doesn’t seem to be about that mentorship life in the same way that, say, Josh McCown was. As for the logic behind the pay increase, sure, we now know he’s healthy, but who cares when he was bad in his four starts last year. Some know-nothing, know-it-all wannabe salary cap experts have pointed out that Flacco will only count for $1,560,000 on the cap in 2021, not the $3.5 million that was originally reported. Well, sure, he’ll only count for roughly $1.5 million in 2021, but it’s not like the remaining $2 million just doesn’t exist. That’ll count toward the 2022 salary cap, when he’ll very likely no longer be on the team. Is a $3.5 million guaranteed contract going to cripple the Eagles’ salary cap? No, certainly it will not. However, because many took extreme issue with the initial criticism of this wholly illogical contract, you have to continue to hear about it. Argue about it again here, and I’ll keep cramming it down your throats until I become unreadable.

Eagles Rookie Profile: 6 things to know about JaCoby Stevens - BGN
I was very surprised JaCoby went in the sixth round, largely because this time last year some thought he could be a first-round pick. I would have thought between his impeccable character, his variety of skills, and a strong showing at LSU’s pro day he would have been a late day two pick or at the very worst be one of the first ones off the board on day three. But as the 2020 season progressed and LSU fielded the worst defense in its 127 years of existence, Stevens stock tanked. If I had to guess, I would assume scouts and general managers asked themselves, do we really want to invest an early pick on a safety/linebacker hybrid that can’t adequately defend the pass in a pass-happy league? That wound up not being the case.

Above the Nest with Raichele #10: Why signing Ryan Kerrigan was a good move + recent roster moves - BGN Radio
Above the Nest with Raichele has reached 10 episodes! On this episode, Raichele shares her thoughts on why signing former WFT defensive end Ryan Kerrigan was a pretty good decision by the Eagles. Later in the episode, she breaks down the other roster moves made by the Birds earlier this week.

How Eagles’ Landon Dickerson took Senior Bowl by storm without putting on a helmet -
Dickerson’s main study buddy during the week of practices was Grambling State offensive lineman David Moore. During center drills, Dickerson noticed Moore needed some help with his snapping technique. Moore was a college guard and had never played center. Dickerson, the reigning Rimington Trophy-winner, was a unanimous All-American center this past season. So, with his knowledge of the position, Dickerson didn’t hesitate to offer advice to Moore. Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy said Dickerson made a difference for the American Team. “When practice came, even though (Dickerson) wasn’t practicing, he was dialed in,” Nagy told NJ Advance Media. “He was like the third offensive line coach for the Carolina Panthers staff.”

Graham shocked how good Eagles’ rookie D-linemen are - NBCSP
“Man, them boys look goooood,” Graham said the way only he can. “Man, I gotta stay on my game because these boys out here looking goooood. Usually you see rookies coming in, ‘OK, I see where they’ve got to learn, I see where they’ve got to work.’ But these guys? I mean they look like they’ve been here a couple years already.”

Cowboys seen as top five offense, and that is both good and bad news - Blogging The Boys
Having great talent is not much good unless the coaching staff properly uses it. (See Stafford.) Kellen Moore is just now getting into what should be his best years as an offensive coordinator, and already he is listed among some elite play-callers. It is a small sample size, given that he has been OC for the minimum two years to show up on this chart. But this measurement, based on expected results, filters out the effects of having to call plays with Andy Dalton, Garrett Gilbert, and Ben DiNucci filling in for Prescott last year. And it shows that he is exhibiting some traits of near-genius at his job. You don’t get those kinds of results unless you are making the right calls a great deal of the time. It is an interesting and encouraging take on just what might be developing for the Cowboys. If things go at all in their favor in the uncontrollable factor of injuries, and the defense gets even to the level of being average, this could be a very good year in Dallas. Hype sometimes gets it right.

Stat predictions for all of the Giants’ rookies - Big Blue View
Toney’s a more deceptive route runner than he’s given credit for, and he can be effective at all three levels of the field. However, quick “designed” touches to Toney will be an easy way to get the football in his hands which will give him the ability to use his superior change of direction skills, contact balance, and overall agility to make defenders miss. Let’s hope the Giants offense can find ways to implement his skill-set into their game plans. Prediction:14 games, 58 catches on 83 targets, 628 REC yards, 6 REC TDs.

It’s time for some extensions - Hogs Haven
Washington has some difficult decisions to make on its defensive line in the coming years, but this isn’t one of them. For the past three years, Allen has been both healthy and effective, and he’ll be 26 rolling into his 5th season. I’d extend him for 4 years, guaranteeing the next 2, at a rate of around $14-15M/year. That would put him in the top 10 interior defensive linemen in the league, and keep him under team control one year beyond Chase Young’s rookie deal.

PFF Believes that the Colts ‘Have Already Let Down’ QB Carson Wentz - Stampede Blue
It’s not the sexiest group by any means, but I’d venture to say it’s an upgraded wide receiver room than Wentz had thrown to over his past few seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles previously—especially with the consistent injuries to Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson. With the Colts now, Wentz will be playing behind one of the best offensive lines in football—especially if Fisher returns in full force, he can lean heavily on a power running game featuring breakout star Jonathan Taylor, and throw to solid all-around receivers. It’s not as though the Colts solely left him out to dry on an island this offseason.

Deshaun Watson’s deposition won’t happen before Super Bowl LVI - PFT
A settlement can happen at any time. If there’s no settlement before training camp opens, Watson will have to decide whether to show up (prediction: he will), the Texans will have to decide whether to trade him (they currently have five on the roster), and other teams will have to decide whether to make the deal despite the looming possibility of paid leave.

With a rare opportunity, the Sixers find themselves with the most enviable road to the Finals - Liberty Ballers
It’s not easy being a fan. Hopeful memories and teams with a chance like the one the Sixers have now are so few and far between we pedestalize our favorites, no matter how long ago they played. The ‘94 Knicks. The ‘98 Jazz. The 2000 Pacers. The ‘01 Sixers. The ‘02 Kings. The ‘03 Nets. The ‘07 Suns. And one day, heartbreakingly, if a team was loved enough, had enough chances, but ultimately never broke through, we might nostalgically recall the Stockton and Malone years, the Miller years, the Barkley years, the Ewing Years, the Kidd years, the Nash years, the Chris Paul years, perhaps one day even the Lillard Years.... Win just one, however, and a team is immortalized. Imagine how winning an NBA title would change the meaning of the phrase the Process Years.... The Doc. The Answer. The Process. I don’t think there is a more enviable path to the finals than the one this team has. And it’s not every season one gets to say that.

NBA playoff predictions: 1 big question about each Eastern Conference series - SB Nation
Steve Lipman of Liberty Ballers: The Philadelphia in me deeply wants to hedge my bets here just in case, but short of significant injury, I really don’t see a path for Washington to make this series competitive. Throughout the season, the Sixers have done a really good job of punishing teams that cannot match them, physically, and Washington is a much smaller team than Philly. Embiid, Simmons and Harris should be able to hunt mismatches on the court all throughout the series, and by doing so create enough advantages either at the rim or beyond the arc to rack up points on the shoddy Wizards defense.


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