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Nick Sirianni brings ALL the energy while breaking down film

The Eagles’ new head coach gets really excited by players and coaches getting really excited.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni sat down and broke down some film in the Eagles Film Room with Fran Duffy, and there is absolutely no denying the young coach’s energy and passion for the game.

On more than one occasion, Sirianni got excited not for the success of a play, but for how the players worked together to create, and celebrate, their teammates' success — whether it was Jack Doyle drawing a one-on-one with a defender, or players coming up to block for a Michael Pittman Jr. touchdown. Sirianni got so hyped watching the Pittman touchdown, he went on to highlight that due to COVID, the practice squad players were in the luxury boxes and Pittman jumped the wall to celebrate the TD with them.

“That’s freaking awesome. Because, why? Michael [Pittman] made the play, TY [Hilton] made the block, Mo Alie-Cox made the block, Philip [Rivers] made a great throw, but those guys in the corner of the endzone helped them get ready for the practice all week long.”

You can tell that the head coach is really energized by the concept of team, and how guys play with and for each other, every single play. He even noted that sometimes it’s hard for the coaches not to get too excited in the headset when they know they get the coverage they want for a big play opportunity.

Sirianni at one point even tells Duffy to rewind a clip of the sideline celebrating a first down, and went on to highlight the coaches and players' reactions and support for their teammate.

Other notables

Something the head coach has emphasized so far this offseason has been the importance of tailoring the offense to the skills of the players but also working within their system, and he talked about that balance during his breakdown.

Sirianni also makes it clear he is not into banana routes, as he called them, and wants his players to stick their foot in the ground and rip it — crisp, sharp routes is what he wants to see because that’s how you force moves by skilled defensive players. It’s also the indicator for the QB that the player is making the move to create separation.

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