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Howie Roseman says the Eagles are ‘confident’ Landon Dickerson will play in 2021

Nick Sirianni sees Dickerson on the inside, but loves his versatility.

Not long after the Eagles picked Milton Williams with their final pick of the night, Howie Roseman, Andy Weidl, and Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters why they aren’t concerned with the injury history of their second round pick Landon Dickerson, and where he fits into their long term plan for the offensive line.

Here’s what they had to say:

Sirianni pointed to Dickerson being an inside guy, and the fact that he can play both center and guard is “invaluable”, not to mention he has reps at outside tackle for additional versatility.

Roseman was asked about multiple lineman available for the center position once Jason Kelce retires and what their long term plan is for the position. He was noncommittal, but noted that they want to get a lot of guys who have that kind of versatility. Sirianni chimed in about needing to use five different centers in one season when he was with the Chargers in 2014, so he quipped that you always need someone who can snap the ball.

As far as drafting a guy with his type of injury history, Roseman explained that they think Dickerson is a special player and special person who probably wouldn’t have been available at No. 37 without that kind of history. They were excited to be able to draft him.

“We’re confident it’s not going to be a red-shirt season.”

Roseman acknowledged that getting medical information was unusual this year and that they were still getting info on the day of the draft, but the Eagles’ medical and training staff does a great job vetting guys. He emphasized that they rely on that staff to give them all the information they need to make these decisions — particularly with Dickerson’s history.

Ultimately, though, Roseman sees the incoming rookie as a “culture setter for our organization”. He said when the fans see the type of player and person he is, they’re going to be really excited.

Weidl also pointed to Dickerson’s ability to overcome adversity — three season-ending injuries in four years at Alabama — and there was a comfort level and excitement among coaches and scouts about him. The team has great ties to Alabama, and Weidl said it’s exciting to get a player of his caliber at No. 37.

Other notables

  • Roseman was also asked about whether he’s aware of what’s being said about how the team is picking so far this year — good or bad. The GM went on about how he’s been busy the whole time and for now they’re in the thick of things, but afterward — and maybe with some tequila — they’ll review everything they did this weekend and evaluate things then.

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