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One member of the Eagles’ draft room did not look happy after Philly’s third-round pick

Well, this might not be the best thing.


[UPDATE] Howie Roseman spoke to reporters following their last pick and was asked about the video. He explained that when they were at pick No. 70 there were guys they liked on the board that weren’t there when they moved back, and when you spend all year scouting guys things can get emotional. But, Howie said that’s the fun part of the draft room, all the emotion and energy. At the end of the day Milton Williams is someone they’re excited about.

The Eagles traded back in the third round from the No. 70 pick to No. 73 and took DT/DE Martin Williams. It was a move that didn’t seem all that surprising given Howie Roseman’s commitment to investing in the trenches over the years. But there was someone in the Eagles’ war room that seemed less than pleased with the pick: senior football advisor Tom Donahoe.

That is ... not great. You can see it on Eagles vice president of player personnel Andy Weidl’s face, too, that this was an awkward moment. Eagles vice president of football operations and strategy, who hails from Philly’s analytics department, seems happier with the pick.

Honestly, though, if Howie and Jeffery Lurie are happy about the pick, it probably doesn’t matter that Donahoe wasn’t on board, but it’s still not a good look. Especially on the heels of The Athletic’s report about the Eagles failing to communicate effectively and pull in the same direction when it comes to the NFL Draft.

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