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Some Giants fans were NOT happy the Eagles traded ahead of New York to draft DeVonta Smith

It’s funny when it’s not happening to us.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

There are more than enough reasons to be excited that the Eagles traded up to take DeVonta Smith at No. 10, but not to be overlooked is how much the move ruined the night for Giants fans who expected New York to take the receiver at No. 11. For as much cheering that was happening in Philly, there was an equal amount of cursing from their NFC East opponent.

There are a lot of absolute gems in this meltdown, but one of my favorites is:

“I hate this f***ing team. They’re always f***ing with us. That’s all they do, they f*** with the Giants. They don’t want us to make the playoffs, they just f**** with us. Why can’t they just leave us alone!?”

Darius Slay and Shaun Bradley both shared the hilarious video, with Slay saying, “I love it!!!”.

The Giants ended up taking Florida WR Kadarius Toney at No. 20, instead, so they did get a receiver, just not the one they really wanted.


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