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Let’s gauge Howie Roseman’s approval rating before the 2021 NFL Draft

Make your voice heard.

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

So, it’s no secret that Howie Roseman isn’t exactly the most popular person in Philadelphia.

At the end of last season, multiple polls showed that an overwhelming majority of Eagles fans felt like the team’s general manager should be dismissed. If the “Fire Howie!” chants at CBP earlier this month or the endless stream of “Fire Howie” responses to the Eagles’ official Twitter account are any indications, people still aren’t happy with him!

Nevertheless, Roseman is still here and he faces a very big task this evening. Ideally, the 2021 NFL Draft represents an opportunity to build the foundation of the next great era of Eagles football. Do you trust him to be able to do just that?

I suspect the majority of you do not.

There is a vocal minority, however, that believes Roseman’s actually having a good offseason. They like the trade down from No. 12 that allowed the team to pick up a first-round pick in 2022. They like the Anthony Harris and Eric Wilson signings. They feel like Roseman turned the Eagles around in 2016 and he can do it again.

In the interest of gauging the perception of Roseman, here’s an approval poll for you to vote in. We’ll follow up with another one after the 2021 NFL Draft to see if your confidence in him has improved, worsened, or stayed the same.


Do you approve of the job Howie Roseman is doing as Eagles GM?

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  • 10%
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  • 89%
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2932 votes total Vote Now

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