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Justin Jefferson says he’s “definitely, definitely, definitely excited” he’s on the Vikings instead of the Eagles

Minnesota WR added that his first matchup against Philly will “be edgier” than normal.

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Justin Jefferson should be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The LSU star was an obvious pick for the Birds at the time of the 2021 NFL Draft. And now even more obvious in hindsight after breaking the NFL record for rookie receiving yards.

Sadly, Jefferson isn’t a member of the Eagles since the team passed on taking him at No. 21 last year. The Minnesota Vikings took him at No. 22 instead and he’s clearly pretty happy about that. Jefferson had the following to say in an interview with Tyler Tynes for GQ:

TYNES: But it’s clear you’re a budding star. There was so much buzz around your name heading into draft night. One possibility was the Eagles. At one point, I heard that you started looking at housing in the area. You ended up falling one spot later. There was that viral video from the Vikings draft room about how excited they were to have you. What was it like to go through all of that?

JEFFERSON: Leading up to the draft, you know, they had all of those mock drafts and people sharing their opinions on who is going to go where. A lot of people had me going to Philly. And, I thought I was going to Philly. Honestly. The funny part is, Philly was on the board and then Minnesota called me. At first, I thought it was Philly. But, I answered the phone and it was Minnesota. It’s crazy how all of that happened and everything. But, I’m definitely, definitely, definitely excited that I’m on the Vikings rather than Philly.

TYNES: Will it feel any better if you ever play Philly because you’ve become this star and they missed out?

JEFFERSON: I’ll always treat every game the same, no matter who I’m playing. But Philly will definitely be edgier. You know, especially because they passed on me.


This isn’t the first time Jefferson has talked about showing up Philly. The following quote comes from May 2020:

“Every single person that picked a receiver instead of me are going to pay. I’m going to show them that I am the better receiver than the pick that they had.

Probably safe to say that Jefferson doesn’t have the same level of success that he had in Minny last year if he got drafted by Philly instead thanks to Carson Wentz’s struggles and such. Still find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have at least been significantly better than Jalen Reagor considering Jefferson is just clearly a superior player.

Jefferson will have to wait a little bit to get “edgier” against the team that most notably passed on him. Barring a meeting in this year’s playoffs, the Eagles aren’t set to play the Vikings until they host them at Lincoln Financial Field in 2022.

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