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I started a new podcast with a Cowboys fan?!

Wow. What am I doing?

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NFL: NOV 01 Cowboys at Eagles

Well, I guess now I know how Howie Roseman feels.

Once a hero, I’ve lived long enough to become a villain. The chanting down at CBP has turned into “Fire BLG!” cries here in the Bleeding Green Nation comment section (not actually, I hope, but entertain me for a moment). And all because we brought a dirty Dallas Cowboys fan to BGN!

That’s right, I’m now doing a weekly podcast with our greatest enemy: RJ Ochoa from Blogging The Boys. It’s called NFC East Mixtape and it’s a weekly spin around the best (read: worst) division in the NFL. In what some are calling the most ambitious crossover event of all time, the pod is being posted on both the BGN and BTB feeds.

But before you burn me at the stake for such heresy, allow me to say this: RJ has proven to be surprisingly popular amongst Eagles fans. This we know from reading the Apple Podcast reviews that some of you here have left for The SB Nation NFL Show. A few examples:

I was 100% in on RJs that he is my most tolerated Cowboys fan (low bar) until his trash Nickelback opinion. — Craneholmes

Die hard eagles fan, so I’m a little biased toward BLG and Kist being my dudes, but gosh darn it RJ - you make it hard not to like you even though you’re the enemy! — foles4prezzzz

I love BGN and always wanted a broader NFL version, and man does this deliver. RJ Ochoa is now the only thing I love about the cowboys — andy in los angeles

Of course, this popularity derives from RJ secretly being an Eagles fan. I assure you I probably won’t be as popular from the BTB perspective since I actually hate the Cowboys.

All jokes aside, I’m excited about this new addition to BGN’s comprehensive podcasting lineup. I think it’ll be fun! Check out the first NFC East Mixtape episode below (or click here):

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  • Trading out of No. 10? How far back would they move?
  • Kyle Pitts in Dallas?
  • Over/under: 9.5 wins


  • What if the Dolphins get a bigger haul for No. 6 than the Eagles did for moving down?
  • Philly set to trade up?
  • Over/under: 6.5 wins


  • Could Dave Gettleman actually trade down for the first time EVER? (No.)
  • The juiceless Giants
  • Over/under: 7 wins


  • Alex Smith retires. How is the NFC East different if he never got hurt?
  • Lesson learned from the Bryce Love pick
  • Over/under: 8.5 wins

All that and more in this week’s inaugural episode.

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Up next: More Eagles draft coverage is coming your way!

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BONUS: If you just can’t get enough of RJ and me, we talked about some more-wide ranging NFL topics on this week’s episode of Monday Football Monday on The SB Nation NFL Show:

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