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2021 BGN Community NFL Mock Draft order is set!


Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images


All spots have been filled! Thanks to everyone who agreed to participate. We’ll start the first day with Phoenix X Minimus, who has the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 1, and eagles.north.of.the.border, who has New York Jets at No. 2.


Friends, the time has come to claim your assigned picks for the 2021 BGN Community Mock Draft! Please comment below with TWO THINGS:

1) The team you want

2) The email address where I can reach you shortly after you claim your pick

I’ll fill out the chart below on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you need a refresher on the guidelines for the draft, just take a look at my post from Thursday. BGN reader ablesser88, as last year’s champion, you may have the honor of picking for the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 12 overall. BGN reader Dr_Horrible, as last year’s very close second-place finisher, you have been granted the choice of any non-Eagles team and you chose the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 5. All 30 other picks are up for grabs!

REMEMBER: If you commented on yesterday’s article and still want to participate, make sure to do so again today. This is the one that counts.

ONCE YOUR PICK IS CLAIMED AND CONFIRMED by me in the chart below, I will contact you with a Google doc invite at whatever email address you provide. Mine is brandon.gowton(at)sbnation(dot)com. Keep checking your email today so that we can get this process moving ASAP. Time is of the essence. If you did not receive an email within 30 minutes of spots being finalized but you appear in the chart, please contact me.

2021 BGN Community Mock Order

Pick Team User Writeup due date Publish date
Pick Team User Writeup due date Publish date
1 Jacksonville Jaguars Phoenix X Minimus 4/4/21 4/5/21
2 New York Jets eagles.north.of.the.border 4/4/21 4/5/21
3 San Francisco 49ers I Need a Username 4/4/21 4/6/21
4 Atlanta Falcons chewy wellington 4/4/21 4/6/21
5 Cincinnati Bengals Dr_Horrible 4/5/21 4/7/21
6 Miami Dolphins 20Safety_Hazard 4/5/21 4/7/21
7 Detroit Lions drc242 4/6/21 4/8/21
8 Carolina Panthers wildcatlh 4/6/21 4/8/21
9 Denver Broncos ItownBallers22 4/7/21 4/9/21
10 Dallas Cowboys Kephas 4/7/21 4/9/21
11 New York Giants Billmington 4/10/21 4/12/21
12 Philadelphia Eagles ablesser88 4/10/21 4/12/21
13 Los Angeles Chargers Georgia_eagle 4/11/21 4/13/21
14 Minnesota Vikings Philliesandthebees 4/11/21 4/13/21
15 New England Patriots SakPrescott 4/12/21 4/14/21
16 Arizona Cardinals Carson Wentzs ACL 4/12/21 4/14/21
17 Las Vegas Raiders dshelton5 4/13/21 4/15/21
18 Miami Dolphins J. Wil 4/13/21 4/15/21
19 Washington Football Team Negadelphia Norm 4/14/21 4/16/21
20 Chicago Bears Happy24 4/14/21 4/16/21
21 Indianapolis Colts Fly Like An Eagle 4/17/21 4/19/21
22 Tennessee Titans Friendly Neighborhood Philly Fan 4/17/21 4/19/21
23 New York Jets Asap Stocky 4/18/21 4/20/21
24 Pittsburgh Steelers Gregnado 4/18/21 4/20/21
25 Jacksonville Jaguars "Snax" 4/19/21 4/21/21
26 Cleveland Browns gerouxman1956 4/19/21 4/21/21
27 Baltimore Ravens Brendanekstrom 4/20/21 4/22/21
28 New Orleans Saints grantspectations 4/20/21 4/22/21
29 Green Bay Packers Philly_Philly 4/21/21 4/23/21
30 Buffalo Bills doublefry 4/21/21 4/23/21
31 Kansas City Chiefs Leo Bedio 4/24/21 4/26/21
32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers phuckdallas 4/24/21 4/26/21

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