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Eric Wilson is excited about the Eagles’ passionate, high-energy coaching staff

Plus, the linebacker talks his role in the new defense.

Speaking with Philly media for the first time on Tuesday, new Eagles linebacker Eric Wilson showed his excitement about the young coaching staff and indicated he’s looking forward to meeting his teammates and getting to work. Wilson is excited for the opportunity to play for the Eagles and called fans “tremendous” in their love and support for the team.

When asked whether the one-year deal was something he wanted or the team, he wouldn’t specify, only to note that with the cap situation deals this was the best move and hopefully if things work out, there’s always a chance for an extension.

Here’s what else the new linebacker had to say.

On his role and experience

There were several injuries at his position with the Vikings last season, and Wilson talked about how his role changed throughout the year and he played multiple positions as a result. He noted that he even got to call plays and wear the green-dot helmet, which he called a great opportunity to gain experience and show leadership.

The linebacker smiled when asked about Pro Football Focus saying he can’t stop the run.

“I can stop the run. The Football Focus is the Football Focus, but I’m a great player, great against the run. I’m great against the pass, I can blitz, and I think that’s a great skillset that I have, is my versatility and my ability to make plays all around the field.”

Wilson noted that he hasn’t been in Philly long and hasn’t had too many conversations regarding the specifics of his role within the defense, but he feels like he’s versatile enough to be able to move around and do whatever is asked of him.

He also talked a little about his experience going undrafted, but noted that it’s not a testament to the type of player that he is, just something that happened. He works every day to improve his game, maintain his wellness, and prove himself. The LB said that he isn’t worried about misconceptions about his size, and doesn’t think there’s any sort of ceiling on how good he can be with continued improvement.

On the Eagles defensive coaches

Wilson talked about former Vikings assistant and new Eagles LB coach, Nick Rallis, noting that he’s been around him a few years now and Rallis is a great football coach.

“He’s a very passionate guy, very high-energy guy, and a very smart guy. He’s a great teacher. He’s helped me tremendously, improved my skillset as a player, but also as a man, and improved my well-being. So, it’s tremendous to have that opportunity to work with him.”

The linebacker also talked about his brief overlap with new Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon.

“He’s an amazing guy. Very high-energy, very passionate, very smart, and also a teacher. I think, that a lot of our coaches — all of our coaches are great people and great teachers, and that’s very important to build that culture, build that connection with one another as players and coaches connect.”

Wilson later talked about how he’s excited to have a group of coaches that are so passionate and embrace being teachers, creating an environment that allows him to thrive and continuously improve.

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