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Eagles News: Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman “need to show they can change”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/13/21.

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The Emperor’s New Clothes - Iggles Blitz
Lurie and Roseman are smart men. They’ve done some terrific things with the Eagles and no matter what, you can’t take away Super Bowl LII. That really happened. But these men are destroying the good will they built up with that amazing feat by making bad football moves and bad people decisions. I hope this piece proves to be some kind of wakeup call. I’m not holding my breath, though. Lurie and Roseman need to show they can change. If not, the Eagles are going to remain a flawed organization unless they can pull off another miracle like 2017. And trust me, the further we get away from that season, the more we see it was a miracle.

Making sense of latest report of Eagles’ dysfunction - NBCSP
In total, this is a pretty damning look into the Eagles’ organization. And reading all of it makes it hard to believe that the Eagles were able to win a Super Bowl a few years ago. Not to minimize any of it, but talent still trumps and dysfunction only gets the spotlight when things aren’t going well. If the Eagles are able to nail their draft picks in the coming years, get a QB and if Sirianni is a success, this dysfunction might not matter again for a while. We’ll find out soon enough.

Jeffrey Lurie Is In Charge Of The Eagles, For Better Or Worse - Defector
Lurie owns the majority of the Eagles. He’s the chairman and CEO. As such it is his choice to intervene if he’d like to! Wouldn’t you? But a football team is also kind of a public trust with a community—or, at least, that’s what football team owners say when they’re looking for a handout of public money—and so confirmation that the owner is using his own instincts to overrule decisions made by people who should know more about football has to be crushing for Eagles fans. Then again, the team recently won a Super Bowl. But this is all obvious, right? I have even written this before! The Super Bowl season was the fluke, and not the decent-but-average years that followed it. And this is what Eagles fans have. Lurie is an owner that wants to win. That is a plus! But the story in The Athletic makes it seem like one big problem with the Eagles’ front-office is Lurie’s inability to get out of his own way, and trust the people he pays to know better than him enough to get out of theirs.

New report from The Athletic shines light on the Eagles’ internal dysfunction - BGN
If you’ve never felt more disillusioned about the Philadelphia Eagles, well, I’d say it’s hard to blame you. I’ve been there for some time now. This is an organization that’s been on the decline ever since lifting their first Vince Lombardi Trophy and they haven’t been fully honest with themselves about why they’ve fallen from grace. The Eagles’ actions would have you believe that moving on from Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz while keeping the front office in tact will help right the ship. But the reality is that big issues remain. And, to no surprise, Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman are chief among them. As is the culture they’ve created.

APRIL MADNESS: It’s Time to Vote in the Elite Eight of our Eagles Media Field of 64 - Crossing Broad
[BLG Note: Let’s get BGN to the final four! You can vote up to three times.]

From the Bleachers #59: Draft Takes with Ben Nata‪n‬ - BGN Radio
On the latest episode of From the Bleachers, Bleeding Green Nation draft writer Ben Natan joins Shamus Clancy to discuss how the Eagles should handle this month’s draft and to fire off some hot takes.

How Carson Wentz saved Frank Reich’s Eagles job, and maybe Doug Pederson’s, too - Inquirer
According to two sources no longer with the team, Lurie was convinced that offensive coordinator Frank Reich should be fired after the 2016 season. Reich and head coach Doug Pederson, who called the plays, managed only the 22nd-ranked offense, with the 24th-ranked passing attack. Lurie found that unacceptable, even with rookie quarterback Carson Wentz running the offense. In the week following the 7-9 season, Lurie had made up his mind to order Pederson to fire Reich and promote quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. If Pederson refused, Pederson would be fired, too. That week, Lurie had spent three hours meeting with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, a former head coach, and considered Schwartz a ready replacement he fired Pederson. It never came to that.Advertisement Wentz intervened.

The Eagles’ top 10 options with their first round pick - PhillyVoice
Could the Eagles go receiver again after taking one in the first round last year (three WR selections overall), and one in the second round in 2019? They sure could, if they want to finally get it right. As you’re all well aware, the top three receivers in this draft are LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase, Bama’s Jaylen Waddle, and Bama’s DeVonta Smith. We could also maybe throw in TE Kyle Pitts, who is like a giant WR, but who is unlikely to be available at pick No. 12. They’re all very, very good prospects. As we outlined a couple weeks a go, as long as all three of those receivers don’t get taken in the first seven picks, there’s a good chance at least one will still be there at pick No. 12. If one is indeed there, it shouldn’t be a hard decision. Just take him.

Kyle Pitts says “it’s an honor” for Jerry Jones to be “infatuated” with him - PFT
“I actually, I’d rather not read the press clippings,” Pitts told Eisen. “Until the day comes, I won’t worry about that. Someone did call me and tell me about that. It’s kind of, it’s an honor for him to say that. Dallas is a great team. If I could have the opportunity to play for [the Cowboys], it would be a great thing.” Sort of. Pitts admits he grew up a fan of the Eagles. “That’s kind of, I would say, the oxymoron, me growing up an Eagles fan and then having the opportunity to play for the Cowboys,” Pitts said. “So that would be a hard time getting some of my family jerseys because they’re die-hard Eagles fans. That would be something funny.”

With 10 picks in 2021 NFL draft, the Cowboys could easily jump back into the first or second round - Blogging The Boys
If the Cowboys could get their cornerback with pick number 10, and the were able to finagle themselves back into a position to draft someone like Christian Barmore, that would go a long way toward improving their struggling defense. While no scenario would please all fans, it’s likely that something like what is described above would be considered a success for a majority of Cowboys fans.

Examining the dual narratives around Deshaun Watson’s many massages - ESPN
Watson, 25, has publicly denied wrongdoing, but he has yet to offer a detailed defense of allegations contained in nearly two dozen lawsuits filed against him. His attorney, Rusty Hardin, said in a news conference Friday that Watson has been targeted with “a new model for extortion.” He said Watson typically receives two or three massages a week, and any sexual activity with therapists who say he assaulted them was consensual. An examination by ESPN of the 22 lawsuits and interviews with six other women who have massaged Watson reveal a complex portrait of a man on a seemingly insatiable hunt for massage therapy and of two groups of women — one that says he is a menacing sexual predator and one that suggests his actions must have been grossly misunderstood.

Former Chiefs assistant Britt Reid charged with DWI; Chiefs release statement - Arrowhead Pride
Former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid — the 35-year-old son of head coach Andy Reid — has been charged with “driving while intoxicated and causing the vehicular crash near Arrowhead Stadium,” as confirmed by a press release from the Jackson County prosecuting attorney.

Monday Football Monday #32: Monday Mind Blowers + Eagles Drama + Steelers Delusion‪s‬ - The SB Nation NFL Show
RJ Ochoa and Pete Sweeney break down the things that blew their mind this off-season and what made total sense w/special guest Rob “Stats” Guerrera dropping in with his two cents!


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