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Chris Mortensen suggests there’s some internal Eagles support (?) for Zach Wilson

But not from the owner, apparently.

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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is drawing criticism for being too meddlesome in the wake of Chris Mortensen’s report that the owner wants Jalen Hurts to be the team’s starting quarterback in 2021.

Such feedback seemingly prompted Mort to clarify his original report with the following Twitter thread:

More than anything, the Wilson note is interesting to me.

First, because of the intentionally vague phrasing used here. “There’s been some opinions expressed” by ... who, exactly? Howie Roseman? The scouting staff? The janitor? Big Dom? Someone outside the organization? (But why would that be relevant to the Eagles’ intentions?)

Regardless, there’s an increasing sense that Wilson will be the second quarterback off the board in the 2021 NFL Draft, going as high as the New York Jets to No. 2. So, yeah, the Eagles might have to offer a big package to Joe Douglas to select the BYU quarterback.

But it doesn’t seem like Lurie is on board with another big move up like the one that landed them Carson Wentz back in 2016. And with that mind, it looks like they’ll be sticking with Hurts.

Now, if Wilson falls further than expected ...

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