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Report: Zach Ertz trade “could happen in the coming days”

Multiple teams are said to have called about the Eagles’ tight end.

Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

This Philadelphia Eagles offseason has been full of expected developments and the latest “news” from NFL Network’s Michael Silver is no exception.

Silver reports that “multiple teams have called the Eagles about the possibility of trading for three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz, and a deal could happen in the coming days.”

That Ertz won’t be returning to the Eagles and is drawing interesting isn’t even news. We previously noted how the Indianapolis Colts, the Seattle Seahawks, the Los Angeles Chargers, and the Los Angeles Rams were in the mix to acquire him from the Eagles.

What is new is that we have a timeline here (maybe?) with Silver suggesting the deal could go down this week.

Of course, one must wonder about the motivation behind Silver’s report. Are the Eagles leaking this to him in an effort to spark the market for Ertz? Because it’s quite possible teams aren’t offering much to Philly and hoping they’ll have to just cut him instead.

Or maybe the intel is genuine and we’ll really see Ertz moved for something. I just can’t imagine his value is going to be that high. The Eagles lack leverage. Ertz is on the wrong side of 30 and he’s coming off the worst season of his career. Maybe Howie Roseman can get a fifth-round pick for him, at best?

Remember, the Eagles can’t rely on trading Ertz to get under the cap since those savings don’t come into effect until AFTER the new league year begins. If the Eagles receive a worthwhile offer for Ertz, they’ll have to clear enough space to temporarily keep him past the league year. If the Eagles don’t receive a worthwhile offer for Ertz, they’ll likely just end up cutting him.

Not an ideal end to a beloved Eagle’s career but, alas, here we are.

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