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A day in court with the Joe Flacco rebuttals

BGN Radio Episode 174!

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Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In the latest BGN Radio podcast, Jimmy Kempski and I try ... and fail ... to make sense of the Philadelphia Eagles signing Joe Flacco for $3.5 million guaranteed. We pretend we’re in court and counter the following rebuttals in defense of the move:

  • But he’s going to be a mentor!
  • He only got 1.5 million last year because he was coming off herniated disk surgery. He’s more betterer now!
  • Who would you have signed instead?
  • They’re not going to draft a quarterback at 6th overall now (viewed as a positive for the “we don’t want a QB at 6th overall” crowd).
  • It’s only one year. There’s no long-term commitment!
  • Why is everyone crying over a couple of million dollars?
  • If he has to play, they’ll tank!
  • He’s a local guy!
  • “It’s not your money!”

And for those who think too much is being made of this signing, please understand the criticism isn’t limited to the scope of this one deal. As Jimmy put it:

“In a vacuum, not a franchise-crippling move like some others over the last few offseasons, but the logic of it just doesn’t make any sense for a team that has already acknowledged won’t be competitive in 2021. It’s another nonsensical move to throw on the pile.”

In addition to Flacco, we also touched on some remaining free agent targets for the Eagles. And the discourse around being “too negative” about the team. Check out all that and more by either [CLICKING HERE] or using the embedded player below:

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