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Eagles News: Jacoby Brissett in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/2/21.

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Philadelphia Eagles free-agency overview: Veteran QB to pair with Jalen Hurts? - ESPN
Game plan: With Carson Wentz being traded to the Indianapolis Colts and Sudfeld poised to be a free agent, Hurts is the lone quarterback returning from the 2020 season. It’s possible Philadelphia uses the No. 6 overall pick in April’s draft on a QB to compete with Hurts, their second-round pick from a year ago. Either way, the Eagles need a veteran presence in the quarterback room. Jacoby Brissett makes some sense given his ties to coach Nick Sirianni from their time in Indianapolis together. [BLG Note: Not sure what Brissett’s market is going to look like and if the Eagles can afford him.]

NFL source says to keep an eye on the Eagles when it comes to Marcus Mariota - BGN
Then again, Philly might have an underrated factor working in their favor. Eagles tight ends coach Jason Michael was actually Mariota’s offensive coordinator in 2015 and then his quarterbacks coach in 2016 and 2017. Oddly enough, Mariota had both his best and worst seasons in terms of passer rating with Michael as his position coach. For as much as it’d be funny if the Eagles finally landed Mariota, I don’t think it’s the direction they should go in. This is a guy who’s gone 29-32 as a starter with a 89.5 career passer rating. He’s never really showed signs of being anything special and it’s hard to ignore how much the Titans improved when they replaced him with Tannehill.

Is Marcus Mariota Tradeable? - Over The Cap
For those teams to now want him on that contract you would likely need to have seen a fundamental change at QB from 2020 to 2021 and you still see yourself as a playoff team. Who would fit that description? In no particular order I would guess the Bears, Broncos, 49ers, Eagles, and Football Team. I doubt Denver and LV would be trade partners so we can throw them out. San Francisco already has an expensive, keep your fingers crossed he can be healthy, type of QB. I cant picture the Eagles going this route. So basically the cap strapped Bears and the Football Team. That is probably the realistic market and both can find cheaper options if they want in free agency. So it is kind of hard to see a trade when you add it all up. The cost is high. There are plenty of other options available. The Raiders likely are not going to pay him again as an insurance policy against Carr nor are the Raiders picking up any of the salary to buy a late pick. My guess is we see Marcus Mariota the free agent in a few weeks rather than news of a big trade.

From the Bleachers #55: Live 7-Round Mock Draft Simulatio‪n‬ - BGN Radio
On the latest episode of From the Bleachers, Shamus Clancy acts as the Eagles’ de facto general manager, conducting a seven-round mock draft for the Birds using The Draft Network’s simulator.

Eagles 2021 draft prospect review: Ohio State QB Justin Fields - PhillyVoice
This is a clear area of concern. Despite playing behind an outstanding offensive line, Fields took 31 sacks in 2019, and 21 sacks in 2020. That would be 52(!) sacks in 22 games. He doesn’t recognize the blitz well, and will get flustered by it when late to recognize. Spoiler: Defensive coordinators are going to blitz the living crap out of him early in his career. There is bust potential if Fields’ NFL team can’t get him to improve pre-snap recognition, and make opposing defenses pay for blitzes with quicker decision-making. To be fair, however, Fields only had one full year as a starter in college, and one COVID-shortened season, so he could improve in that area as he gets more reps, but there could be some ugly games early.

Coaching Staff Update - Iggles Blitz
Sirianni isn’t boring. He’s energetic and passionate. Too passionate? It reminded me of a joke from the movie Back to School. Sam Kinison plays an overly passionate professor and in one scene he screams at his student Rodney Dangerfield. The key for a coach is to be himself. Bill Walsh was more intellectual than emotional. Bill Parcells was a smartass who antagonized his players and coaches, but did so in a way that they accepted. John Madden was more emotional than anything else. Vince Lombardi was a tough taskmaster. They all won championships, but did so in very different ways. Each man stayed true to who he was. If you fake it, as Marty Mornhinweg tried with the Lions, you will fail miserably. Be yourself. Sirianni is a ball coach. He says the word “ball” way too much, but that’s part of who he is so it works. He’s not a smooth, polished speaker, but he’s genuine. I liked the fact he talked about the staff as teachers and focused on fundamentals. The Eagles are going to have a lot of young players coming in over the next couple of years. They will need to be developed by a good group of coaches. There will be a lot of teaching and hopefully a lot of learning.

Doug’s Impact - South Jersey Magazine
Pre-covid, my wife Lynn and I had dinner with Doug and Jeannie at a restaurant in Moorestown. There was a Sweet 16 party going on in the back room. Once word got out that Pederson was in the house, that party quickly migrated to our table. And one by one, teenagers lined up to get a photo with the Eagles head coach. And Pederson got out of his window booth seat and took a photo – with every last one. He wouldn’t say no. He didn’t want to. He took a photo with the sushi chefs, too, that still hangs on the restaurant wall. And that’s the thing: Pederson may have inexplicably parted ways with the Eagles – who the hell gets rid of the guy who gave them a coveted Super Bowl title after only missing the playoffs for one year? – but his impact will always be there: snapshots on the wall, an indelible part of the lives of all those who suffered all those years with a team that gave back only one time with a Super Bowl championship, a moment that Doug Pederson created and will never go away.

2021 Colts Offseason Preview - NBC Sports Edge
Carson Wentz (QB2/3) - The Colts are incentivized to bench Wentz if he’s not playing well because the Colts’ 2022 second-round pick that’s being sent to Philly next year turns into a first-rounder if Wentz plays more than 70% of the snaps. That alone lowers Wentz’s season-long floor, but this is an ideal environment for a rebound season. He has high-end QB2 potential as a boom-bust quarterback option.

Next Gen Stats: Inside the Wentz-Reich reunion -
Go behind the numbers with Next Gen Stats to see what specifically Frank Reich may try and have Carson Wentz do differently to get him back to on track.

Houston Texans Cut Josh McCown - Battle Red Blog
The Texans signed McCown late in the 2020 season as an insurance policy of sorts. You know, way back in early November. Back before you had that taste of ash in your mouth that just won’t go away of as you sullenly witness the football team you love burn, day after day, the fire never showing even the slightest inclination of dissipating. But McCown—he’ll probably start a coaching career in earnest soon, even if it’s not as the newest head coach of the Texans. For now, anyway.

Report: Alex Smith expected to be released by the end of the week - Hogs Haven
Alex Smith will reportedly be released by the end of the week as the Washington Football Team gets back to work after a virtual February. This is a move that most people have had circled on their calendars since Smith suffered a devastating leg injury in 2018. Smith threw a wrench into that timeline when he made one of the most improbable recoveries in NFL history, and actually returned to not only play last season, but start for Washington. Smith went 5-1 as a starter, and won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award. That feel good story is over now as the reality of the NFL hits everyone in the league this month. Washington will save $14.7 million against this year’s cap, and it looks like they are ready to move on from the QB they traded a 3rd round pick and CB Kendall for 3 years ago. Smith was reportedly debating retirement after his incredible comeback, but recent interviews had made it sound like he wasn’t ready to let go. He talked about how the team took the news that he was cleared last year, and his honesty caused many people to speculate that he knew his time in Washington was over.

Not re-signing Dak Prescott would go down as one of the “most infuriating moments” in Cowboys history - Blogging The Boys
If Jerry and Stephen Jones pull a fast one on us and decide that Dak is really NOT their quarterback, then it could go down as one of the worst moves this front office has made in their 61-year storied history. How would it compare to other infuriating front office moves this team has made? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and get our blood boiling because that’s always fun to do.

J.J. Watt to Arizona could be good news for Giants - Big Blue View
The news that five-time All-Pro edge defender J.J. Watt will join the Arizona Cardinals could have a trickle-down effect that might benefit the New York Giants. That news means that Haason Reddick, who had a career-year with 12.5 sacks for Arizona in 2020, will almost certainly reach free agency. Reddick, 26, was the 13th overall pick by the Cardinals in 2017. He was playing on the edge full time in 2020 after spending much of his time in previous seasons at off-ball linebacker.

Monday Football Monday #26: UPDATED: JJ Watt Signs! + A Bridgewater Too Far‪?‬ - The SB Nation NFL Show
RJ Ochoa and Pete Sweeney follow the JJ Watt free agency drama (UPDATE: Watt signed!), opine on Alex Smith’s expected release from Washington, and debate the 49ers rumored interest in Teddy Bridgewater!


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