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Brandon Graham wants the Eagles to draft Ja’Marr Chase or Kyle Pitts at No. 6

Plus, the veteran talks Nick Sirianni and Jalen Hurts.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles are keeping at least one guy in Philadelphia, DE Brandon Graham, and the veteran recently was on The Farzy Show with Marc Farzetta and spoke about the new coaching staff, Jalen Hurts, and who the team should draft at No. 6 overall.

Graham said that there have been plenty of times when he thought he had played his last snaps in Philadelphia, going back to the Chip Kelly era, but he’s very thankful to get another extension and stay with the Eagles.

On the coaching staff

The Pro Bowl defender has been through a few coaching changes during his NFL career, and he talked a little bit about new Eagles’ DC Jonathan Gannon and head coach Nick Sirianni.

“I’m excited for them just being excited. They look like they just want to gain our trust, and obviously, that’s what we’ve gotta gain together, and so you just gotta get people thats bought in. I’m gonna lead the best I know how, by example.”

Graham has talked to Sirianni about the core values that he wants for the organization, and the veteran is going to do everything he can to help instill that in the building and with the team.

On Jalen Hurts

Later on, Graham was asked how confident he was that second-year QB Jalen Hurts could lead the team back to the playoffs, and with a big smile, he didn’t hesitate to throw his support behind the Eagles’ new QB1.

“Man, I’m confident, man. I just feel like now, when you’re the guy, it just does something different to you, especially now with him working during the offseason.”

Graham went on to say that Hurts is doing all the right things this offseason, including working with the receivers to get down timing and establish the chemistry they need to be successful on offense. The DE said that he can see the work ethic we’ve all heard about in Hurts, and that he’s competitive and tries to be consistent every day.

He’s excited for Hurts and the new coaching staff, and hopes they can all get on the same page quickly. Graham also noted that he hopes they can stay healthy this season, because the Eagles have one of the best offensive lines in the business when they’re healthy.

On the No. 6 draft pick

The veteran was asked what the team should do with the overall No. 6 draft pick and he was quick to say they should go with a pass catcher, either Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase. Graham said that Pitts was really growing on him, but he’d be happy with either one.

Other notables

  • He also said that he recently bought a house in Philly, so that’s where he’ll be this offseason, and he’s hoping that in the years after he retires he’ll still be working with the organization. After that, he will probably get into broadcasting rather than coaching.
  • Graham mentioned that he was surprised that the team let Doug Pederson go, especially after they had supportive things to say about the former head coach right after the season, but he’s confident that Pederson will have success in the future. BG did note that the worst thing to happen to Pederson was COVID, because he was so good at bringing the guys together and building that rapport, but he was really limited due to COVID protocols.
  • BG said he wasn’t shocked at all that Carson Wentz ended up being traded to the Colts, emphasizing that it’s hard to play in Philly, and moving on was good for both the quarterback and the Eagles. Graham recalled his early days with the team and being labeled a bust as he dealt with injuries, and how tough the fan base can. He’s just happy that Wentz is getting a fresh start and was able to reconnect with Frank Reich after everything that happened last season.

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