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The latest Zach Ertz news isn’t really that different from the old Zach Ertz news

We’re all still waiting for resolution.

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This offseason’s Zach Ertz trade saga has been an annoying one to follow. There have been a bunch of “updates” along the way that have left all involved without resolution.

Let’s recap the timeline:

All of this brings us to this evening’s “news” about how the Eagles are now giving Ertz permission to seek a trade, even though they’ve already been trying to move him.

OK. Great.

But the Eagles are still theoretically working on a deadline here. They must be cap compliant by 4:00 PM Eastern tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17. It’s quite possible they’ll get under the cap without cutting Ertz. Still, the longer they take to release or trade him, the longer they must wait to benefit from the $4.95 million they can clear by moving him. Freeing up those funds could be helpful in pursuing some free agent addition(s).

Many were quick to point out that the New England Patriots agreeing to terms with both Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry helped the Eagles’ chances of trading Ertz. In theory, it makes sense. Teams in need of a tight end could now be more willing to give up something for Ertz. And the aforementioned Chargers, those among them, won’t be able to count on re-signing Henry.

But the potential problem is that other teams could still be willing to call the Eagles’ bluff. If teams believe Philly is ultimately going to cut him, then they’re not going to give up much, if anything, to acquire him. The Eagles’ inability to get a deal done this far indicates the market isn’t as robust as they’d like it to be.

The guess here, once again, is that the Eagles either cut Ertz or have to settle for a relatively meager return.

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