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Chat with us on tonight’s live edition of The ODDcast!

Hope to see you there.

UPDATE: The Locker Room group is LIVE! — [CLICK HERE TO JOIN]

In case you didn’t already know (as if I haven’t inundated you with reminders), the Bleeding Green Nation podcast feed isn’t the only one I’m part of here at SB Nation.

You can also find me on Tuesday episodes of The SB Nation NFL Show podcast feed. It’s there that I co-host an award-winning production called the Off Day Debrief (AKA The ODDcast) with Rob “Stats” Guerrera. It’s always a fun time talking about not only the Eagles but the NFL at large.

With our recent foray into the Locker Room app, I thought it could be even more fun to have you join the conversation with us! And so you’re invited to join Stats and me tonight at 8:15 PM Eastern as we talk about the latest NFL news, free agency rumors, answer your questions, and more. You can join the audio feed if you’re interested or just hang out in the text chat.

Note that tonight’s chat is separate from the Locker Room session I’m doing on Tuesday night (March 2) with Shamus Clancy at 7:30 PM Eastern. That one will be more specifically Eagles-focused. But that’s not to say we can’t talk about the Eagles tonight as well!

Hope to see you in tonight’s room, which will be titled: “NFL F.A. & trades: Who’s next?

How do I participate?

  • Download the Locker Room app from the App Store (available only on iOS devices, for now)
  • Create an account if you don’t have one already
  • Go to the home page and look for a room hosted by me ... OR ... search “Brandon Gowton” beforehand and hit the follow button to get notifications for when I go live

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