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Is this a sign the Bears are trading for Carson Wentz?

Interestingly timed promotion for the Eagles quarterback’s former position coach.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Some interesting news coming out of Chicago on Monday afternoon. The Bears officially promoted John DeFilippo by adding “pass game coordinator” to his “quarterbacks coach” title.

One can’t help but find the timing of this announcement curious with the Bears reportedly in the mix (and possibly favored?) to trade for Carson Wentz. Wentz obviously enjoyed the best season of his career with Flip as his quarterbacks coach in 2017. He’s only been worse off without Flip as his position coach.

Something important to note, however, is that Wentz and Flip didn’t necessarily have the most amicable relationship. Flip is known for coaching hard and Wentz isn’t known for being the most coachable player. I’ve gotten the sense from multiple people familiar with Flip that he isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of working with Wentz again.

And so maybe the Bears promoted Flip in an effort to get him on board with a Wentz acquisition? Maybe Flip demanded more power and money to accept such a significant undertaking. Just speculation on my part but it makes some sense based on what I’ve heard.

It’s also possible that Flip’s promotion is just a coincidence and we’re reading into it way too much ... but can you blame us? Only natural to wonder where Wentz is going to land and when the news is finally going to break.

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