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Carson Wentz trade “may not be as quick as some folks think here”

What’s going on here?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So, when is this Carson Wentz trade finally happening?

On Friday, the Inquirer reported a deal was “close.”

On Saturday, ESPN reported the Eagles are “expected to trade Carson Wentz in the coming days.”

On Monday, writer and BGN alumnus Mike Kaye cited a source that expects the deal to take place today or tomorrow.

Perhaps that’ll still be the case. But ... maybe not?

Mike Garafolo was kind of all over the place during a Monday afternoon news hit for NFL Network:

“I think a lot of folks thought ‘OK, Super Bowl’s gonna be over, and in the morning this trade is going to be finalized.’ I made calls to everyone involved in this one and was told nothing is imminent. That the Eagles are basically waiting for an offer that they think is worthwhile to trade away Carson Wentz. And one of the options still on the table — I don’t think this is likely — is they don’t get an offer that they deem worthy and say ‘OK, Carson Wentz, report to training camp.’ I believe in the end he is going to be traded and they will get an offer that will make them part with Wentz. I still can’t see a path for him to come back to the Eagles. I said on WIP radio in Philly last week I was 50-50 but then when I was on with them I said I’m officially at 51-49 he’s getting traded and I don’t think I’m coming back to 50-50. So I am almost now 100% sure he’s eventually going to get traded. But it may not be as quick as some folks think here. The Bears and the Colts are amongst the teams involved. I am told that there are more teams involved and I will also tell you the Bears and Colts have other quarterbacks that they are keeping an eye on. So, lot of moving parts, lot of chess, lot of poker being played here. I can’t really put you on a timeframe here. I think he gets traded, I can’t tell you how quickly, but it could be relatively quickly.”

Some thoughts on this all:

  • We keep hearing the deal is “close” and yet nothing is “imminent.” OK. Helpful.
  • That a report like this leaks out tells me that the Eagles aren’t very happy with the offers they’ve received thus far. I can’t buy the Eagles merely bringing back Wentz for 2021 at this point. And neither can the teams making offers for Wentz that aren’t as lucrative as the Eagles would prefer them to be.
  • “More teams involved” feels like an attempt to make Wentz’s actives seem more competitive than it really is. Then again, Tony Pauline said the San Francisco 49ers’ interest in Wentz can’t be discounted. So, maybe there really are some other teams out there.
  • There’s danger in holding out for the best possible deal. This isn’t to suggest that Howie Roseman should jump at whatever’s currently on the table. But Roseman is running the risk of overplaying his hand here the longer this saga goes on.
  • At 9:32 AM Eastern this morning, Windy City Gridiron contributor Brandon Robinson said he expects Wentz news “within 24 hours.” He also added this:

I believe he’s referring to Bears fans being upset about the compensation. If true, a good sign for Eagles fans.

  • Lots and lots of rumors out there. TBD when we’ll finally get some clarity.

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