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Eagles News: “Philadelphia has already received aggressive offers” for Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/5/21.

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NFL: Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Trade destinations for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz - ESPN
The wheels are in motion. One league source said their understanding is Philadelphia has already received aggressive offers. The Eagles are looking for significant compensation in return for the 2016 No. 2 overall pick to justify losing the talent and absorbing the more than $30 million dead cap hit they’ll take by trading him. Wentz was one of the NFL’s worst quarterbacks statistically in 2020, and he is set to make $25.4 million in total cash next season — third highest among QBs in 2021. Those factors will affect his value. So there is some dancing yet to be done. But in order to avoid the drama and distraction that comes with retaining a high-profile quarterback who wants out, it’s a safe bet the Eagles will work to make a deal happen, and have incentive to do so sooner rather than later before more seats get filled in the game of quarterback musical chairs.

Report: Eagles fielding Carson Wentz trade calls - BGN
Rapoport adds that Wentz and his camp haven’t “formally” requested a trade but the quarterback’s relationship with the Eagles is indeed “strained” and Doug Pederson’s firing “did not quell all of Wentz’s concerns.” Just more indication that Wentz isn’t happy with his current situation in Philly. While some might try to downplay this report by citing Rapoport’s line about how “this is no different” from Roseman fielding calls about any player, it would be naive to think there isn’t a real chance that Wentz gets moved. There’s been a lot of buzz about the possibility ever since he was benched for Jalen Hurts and it’s only growing louder. One might suggest that the Eagles are leaking the fact that they’ve taken calls in order to try to create a more competitive market for Wentz’s services. On that note, it doesn’t seem like the Eagles are willing to dump Wentz at whatever they can get for him. It does seem like they’re hoping a good offer comes along so they can move on. Honestly, a change of scenery is probably what’s best for both sides at this point.

Wentz still wants out? + Eagles offense stay or go‪?‬ - BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton and Jimmy Kempski detail the latest smoke/fire/rumors surrounding Carson Wentz, play a game of “Stay or Go” with the offensive players and do some Eagles Super Bowl trivia!

Eagles mailbag: Why is Carson Wentz remaining silent? - PhillyVoice
I don’t think you can be arguably the worst starting quarterback in the league statistically and publicly demand to be traded. The optics of that would look utterly ridiculous. But also, the belief here has always been that the Eagles will be more than willing to trade Wentz if an acceptable offer comes along for him, but they’re not just going to give him away for nothing. The minute that Wentz demands publicly to be dealt, the lower his value becomes, and thus, the more unlikely that an offer will come along that the Eagles will find satisfactory. So perhaps just laying low and saying nothing for now is his best chance of getting what he wants.

Carson Wentz trade rumors: Projecting the Eagles QB’s value, likely landing spots for potential deal - CBS Sports
“His value will depend on the number of serious suitors,” says Joel Corry, CBS Sports contributor and former agent and cap expert. “I can’t see Philly doing a Brock Osweiler-type salary dump. Nick Foles went to Chicago for a fourth-round compensatory pick. Philly will want more. Personally, I wouldn’t give up a first- or second-round pick based on this season’s regression. The best bet may be a conditional 2022 pick that could elevate to a first-round pick based on how Wentz and/or the acquiring team perform in 2021.”

What happens after the Eagles trade Carson Wentz? - The Athletic
But they still get tangible financial relief from trading Wentz. They’ll avoid having to pay his $25 million bonus in 2021 — cash savings for Jeffrey Lurie, but not salary-cap savings — and, more importantly, will be out from under any future commitments. For a team admittedly entering a rebuild, that matters. And with some other large contracts scheduled to come off their books in 2022, the Eagles would be just one year away from a healthy cap picture. As for how they’ll get under the cap in 2021 after taking on the hit from a Wentz trade, expect another round of restructures that guarantee future salaries in exchange for short-term pay cuts to older players such as Brandon Graham, Darius Slay, Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson. The expected releases of Alshon Jeffery, Malik Jackson and DeSean Jackson will move the needle too, as will a divorce from Zach Ertz. How much further finagling they need to do will depend on the exact salary cap number, which hasn’t been determined.

Donovan McNabb thinks it would be best to trade Carson Wentz - NBCSP
Gelb: “At this point, do you think it would be the best thing for Howie Roseman to trade Carson Wentz?” ... McNabb: “Yes. But the problem is Howie is so tied to him, that his job pretty much is on the line for this. When people are questioning how he even still is working as the GM, when he lost his GM job with Chip Kelly, then they brought him back with Doug (Pederson). It helped him win the Super Bowl but you haven’t done nothing since. So the question is, you fired Doug but he still has his job? So Carson is tied to the hip with him. If they trade Carson, then that puts a little gasoline around Howie that something has to be done or you gotta get a great trade for Carson to help you out.”

Can Carson Wentz be fixed? Kurt Warner thinks so, but it’ll take a lot of work - Inquirer
Last March at the scouting combine in Indianapolis, Warner focused primarily on mechanical issues, including an overreliance on his arm and an underreliance on his legs and lower body in his throwing motion. What was behind his nightmare year this season? Mechanics again? Poor decision-making? Hanging on to the ball too long? “All of the above,” Warner said. “I think there’s some deficiencies in different areas. He’s had some technique deficiencies for the last couple of years that have really hurt him and have hurt his consistency as a thrower. I also think there are some deficiencies in what he’s seeing on the field and where his eyes are going.”

Andy Reid’s GM Tree Is Sprawling and Covers Both Super Bowl Sidelines - MMQB
Heckert died of amyloidosis in August 2018, so a bunch of these guys established a new tradition at the combine a couple of years back, where they all meet at the Whistle Stop, an Indy dive bar that Heckert loved, to toast him. And that, in a way, is a reflection of what they learned from Reid, too—where the coach would know when a guy might need a little extra. Roseman fondly remembers a call from Reid at 5 p.m. on draft day in 2015. That was Roseman’s year of exile from personnel, and the first in nearly two decades when he wasn’t involved in the draft, and said, “Alright, Roseman, like old times, me and you, what are you thinking?” “He’s freaking Papa Bear,” Roseman says now.

Super Bowl? Giants? It’s not an impossible mountain to climb - Big Blue View
The other teams in the NFC East, and the NFC itself, will have something to say about how the future unfolds. Let’s focus on the division. To be honest, right now I’m not worrying about the Philadelphia Eagles. That might change if Nick Sirianni isn’t as far over his skies as he looked in his introductory press conference as Eagles head coach, and if the organization doesn’t come completely apart as they try to figure out whether their quarterback is Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts or someone else not named Nate Sudfeld. The Dallas Cowboys? Dak Prescott will be back, and the talent they have to support him always makes them formidable. Even when the deck appears stacked in their favor, though, the Cowboys seem to find a way to underperform. In the NFC East the team I worry about is the Washington Football Team. They have an outstanding, young defense. They have a terrific coach in Ron Rivera. They just don’t have a quarterback. If they get the right one, the Giants’ path becomes tougher.

A Day With the Vince Lombardi Trophy - Gang Green Nation
I also work for a company that actually delivers the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl city. Much like the opening ceremonies at the Olympics when the torch arrives, the NFL takes pride in beginning the Super Bowl festivities with the arrival of the famed trophy. It’s not as elaborate an event like the Olympics. It is a more subdued liturgical event that allows the media to broadcast and excite the host city. It also begins the NFL Fan Experience which is very popular with fans and nonfans alike. It is a family friendly carnival-like atmosphere with a mix of NFL history, team paraphernalia, and activities for everyone to enjoy. It usually has a myriad of celebrities, NFL dignitaries, and athletes who attend the event and excite the fans. This year those people would not attend so the event was somewhat subdued, but it still drew quite a bit of interest. This year I was lucky enough to be picked as the person to deliver the trophy to the host city, the only person in the universe to be blessed with the honor of bestowing the famed trophy to the city of Tampa. I had to give the trophy to the NFL security representative Stella Carlo. Once in his possession he holds it up for all to see then places it on the pedestal the NFL provides for the trophy. Then a plastic shield is placed over top.

Super Bowl LV Preview - Football Outsiders
One of the problems we have to deal with in writing a Super Bowl preview is repetitiveness. When we’re down to only two teams to write about, it means we’ve written a lot about them already. We covered Kansas City and Tampa Bay plenty during the regular season. We’ve now written about Kansas City in two playoff previews and Tampa Bay in three. They’re the only two teams we’ve covered for the last two weeks. So I apologize that my introduction to this Super Bowl LV preview is going to go over some familiar territory. Nonetheless, it’s the elephant in the room that has to be addressed if we’re talking about the top-line stats of this matchup. Kansas City has been the Super Bowl favorite in Las Vegas for the entire season. The Chiefs were immediately installed as favorites in Super Bowl LV after Sunday’s games, with the line currently at -3 or -3.5 depending on where you look. Conventional wisdom may favor the Chiefs by even more, with roughly 60% of bets currently placed on the Chiefs.

The Keys to Super Bowl LV - The Ringer
Football’s past and future are colliding this weekend on the NFL’s biggest stage. If the Buccaneers win on Sunday, Tom Brady will have more Super Bowl victories (seven) than any individual NFL franchise. If the Chiefs win, Patrick Mahomes will become the youngest quarterback to ever win two Super Bowls. Brady and Mahomes represent two eras of football history, and we get to see them overlap in a championship game. This is like Michael Jordan playing LeBron James in the NBA Finals. Mahomes is the only player with a serious chance to challenge Brady’s GOAT status, and if that day ever comes, this Super Bowl could serve as the head-to-head tiebreaker. But we have years to talk about legacy. For now, let’s enjoy the present.

How to make perfect wings at home for the Super Bowl - SB Nation
Everyone’s developed some skills over the pandemic to keep themselves busy at home. For me it was learning to cook all the things I love to go out for, but are never the same when you get them delivered. If you’re looking for a recipe to make at home while watching Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I have a perfect one for you. Today I’m going to share my recipe for making chicken wings at home that are so good and so fast you’ll feel guilty about paying a premium for them ever again. I’m going to spare you the 1,000 word preamble about how this recipe came to me in a dream, and how my family loves it — like every other food blog in existence. I more or less lifted parts of this recipe from Alton Brown, and made some tweaks to get it where it needs to be for my home. This entire damn recipe is going to cost you less than $10, and you’ll thank me later.

In the world of Super Bowl ads, 2020 never happened - Vox
It feels bizarre that there’s a Super Bowl at all this year. Last year, the event fell on February 2, narrowly beating the chaos of the coming weeks when the coronavirus began to take over the United States. So much has changed since the last Big Game, but this year the show must go on. The Weeknd will perform, as will former youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman, of Biden inauguration fame. Those who aren’t all that into football might not care much when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off this Sunday, though many find the ads to be a big draw, as silly as they often are. But while viewers might expect brands will be forced to address this difficult year — and according to a survey conducted by Lucid, 69 percent of respondents expect this year’s commercials to explore major topics, like the pandemic and social issues, with 76 percent expecting to see people social distancing or wearing masks — they might be surprised at the still-light tone. Aside from a few commercials here and there, the advertisements this year will remain silent on hot-button issues.


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