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Adam Schefter on Carson Wentz: ‘If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded’

NFL insider had some interesting things to say about the Eagles’ quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The notion that Carson Wentz doesn’t want to return to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021 is only growing stronger.

By this point, we’ve already seen multiple reports indicating he’s unhappy with his current situation. Adam Schefter delved into this topic even further during a Wednesday morning appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic with John Kincade, Bob Cooney, and Jamie Lynch.

COONEY: Schefty, I’ve got to ask you about this Jared Goff trade that we just saw happen, with him going over to the Lions. Is there something we can take out of that that makes a Carson Wentz trade more … I don’t want to say more possible, more likely?

SCHEFTER: No, not more likely. Because they’re not going to trade him unless they get back fair value. And what I would say is, the issue there is that the Eagles will want strong compensation for a guy that a few years ago could’ve won the NFL MVP. They all want strong conversation. And let me say this: that they will listen, absolutely listen. And if a team makes the right offer, there will be a trade that will be made. But if a team doesn’t make the right offer, I think that they will be open to bringing him back and having him compete in camp with Jalen Hurts. So, to me, it could go either way.

KINCADE: We’ve gone back and forth, Adam, about the idea that he still hasn’t spoken. Or hasn’t even released a statement. At this point, now that the new coach —

SCHEFTER: Well, that tells you something.

KINCADE: It does! It tells me that the leader of the franchise, the guy who is supposed to be the face of the franchise, somehow is disconnected from the franchise.

SCHEFTER: And wants to leave the franchise. Okay? And that’s why the trade still is in play. And, again, people wondering where did this stuff come from at the end of the year. Was it made [up]? This is all real. None of this is made up. And just because he would like to be moved or hasn’t commented doesn’t mean he will be. If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded. That would be my guess. At some point this offseason. But, again, they’re not looking to get rid of him. They’re not.

LYNCH: So, Adam, on that front, we’ve got a little indication of the market with the Stafford-Goff trade, not a full picture, obviously. So in your best guesstimation, what is your option on what the Eagles would consider in the ball park of fair value?

SCHEFTER: That’s a great question. I would say — and I don’t know this, but just off the top of my head — I think it would be a minimum of a first-round draft pick. A minimum. And of course they’re going to want more. They might want two first-round picks for all I know. I want to be very clear. I would say they want a minimum of a first-round pick. And that’s the issue, if you are a team that is thinking of trading [for him], are you willing to give up a one? A one plus? Are you wiling to do that for Carson Wentz? You tell me.

KINCADE: I don’t know that people would be lining up to do that. But, Adam, I know this. When you talk to people around the NFL, and in circles, and you’re just having conversations and the name comes up. Indy is where we always hear there’s a connection with Frank Reich and the Indianapolis Colts, that that makes the total sense. Can you tell me the other franchise or any other franchises whose name pops up when the name Carson Wentz pops up?

SCHEFTER: I’d like to know that, John, because I think there are more.

KINCADE: Okay, so you’re not hearing any specific name. Any franchise.

SCHEFTER: Well, let me say this. I have my own educated opinion. I’m not going to guess because I don’t know. But I have a couple of ideas of teams that potentially could be interested. But I don’t know.

Some thoughts on this all:

  • One would be living in straight-up denial to think the Eagles’ relationship with Wentz is totally fine and this is all some media-driven story making something out of nothing. Schefter is legitimate as they come and I’m sure people wouldn’t be doubting his sources if they were indicating something much more positive about the team (such as the Eagles being on the verge of acquiring some star player, for example).
  • Wentz has done nothing to distance himself from these rumors even though he’s had plenty of opportunities to do so.
  • Nick Sirianni couldn’t even guarantee that Wentz will definitely be on this year’s roster.
  • The Eagles don’t seem willing to trade Wentz for pennies on the dollar. But they do seem entirely willing to move him for the right price.
  • Why should the Eagles really want a quarterback who they have to convince to stay? Less than ideal setup.
  • Not transcribed here but Kincade said he heard from someone who told him that the Bears are a team to watch for Wentz. Chicago is certainly in need of a quarterback with Mitchell Trubisky set to be a free agent. But are they really going to bring in Wentz when they already have Nick Foles there? And recreate that awkward dynamic?
  • The speculation about Wentz’s future is only going to linger. Not going away anytime soon.

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