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Podcast: Jalen Hurts’ impact on Eagles’ draft plans and Carson Wentz expectations in Indianapolis

The Solak Show Ep. 002!

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Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles - Practice Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Solak Show has officially launched!

Bleeding Green Nation’s podcast feed, BGN Radio, has enjoyed the Kist and Solak Show for the last two seasons — but all good things must come to an end. With long-time BGNer Michael Kist on his way to work for the mothership and SB Nation, I’m now flying solo with my new show: The Solak Show! Original, right?

The Solak Show will be weekly in the offseason and always come in two parts. The first will be strictly Eagles-focused, and I’ll be reacting to and analyzing breaking news on the Eagles’ offseason foibles as they look to rebuild their roster. The second will invite a guest and cover a larger, league-oriented issue that may or may not affect the Eagles. For big-time fans who want to learn more about the game and watch football differently — this segment is for you!

Show notes for the inaugural Solak Show:

Topics covered:

  • What are the Eagles’ “premium positions,” as viewed by their front office?
  • Where do they have the biggest “premium” needs as the roster currently stands?
  • Where is the draft strong at their “premium” needs?
  • What does this mean for their draft strategy at No. 6 overall?

Stampede Blue’s Zach Hicks joins the show!

  • What are expectations for Carson Wentz with the Colts? How far into the playoffs do they need to get for this trade to be a win?
  • Would this trade have happened without Frank Reich in Indianapolis?
  • Will Carson Wentz reconnect with an old quarterbacking coach in Indy to revamp his career?

To listen to the show in your browser, hit the media player below. Click here if the player isn’t working for you. If you’ve never listened to the BGN Radio family, check out our guide on how to listen and subscribe to BGN!

Stay tuned for another episode coming this week!

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