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Report: Cowboys among 4 teams that Russell Wilson is OK with being traded to

Russ joining the NFC East would be a nightmare.

Seattle Seahawks v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

A month ago today, NFL insider Adam Schefter set the over/under for offseason starting quarterback changes at 18.5 and took the OVER on that figure. We’ve already seen Carson Wentz, Matthew Stafford, and Jared Goff traded to new NFL homes.

So, who’s next? Deshaun Watson and Sam Darnold are obvious names to watch.

And so is notorious Eagles killer Russell Wilson.

Wilson hasn’t been shy about making it known that he’s unhappy in Seattle. Recent reporting from The Athletic claims Wilson’s camp has actually approached the Seahawks about a trade.

Schefter followed up on Thursday afternoon with the following:

(Obligatory: The Bears?! Lol.)

You can really tell how Wilson definitely wants to play in Seattle with how he’s been publicly complaining and also allowing his agent to talk about other teams he wouldn’t mind joining. Yep, nothing to see here!

Seriously, though, I can’t help but think about how what the Eagles recently went through with Wentz compares to this situation. Many were in denial that he was going to get moved until it eventually became an inevitability. As we talked about on The SB Nation NFL Show this week, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And as we talked about on The SB Nation NFL Show last week when we made some bold offseason predictions, Russ to the Dallas Cowboys isn’t totally unthinkable.

There’s an argument to be made that if the Cowboys were going to get a long-term contract extension done with Dak Prescott, it already would’ve happened by now. Dallas is playing a dangerous game by using the franchise tag on him for a second time. Prescott has every reason to play a second season on the tag because it’d be difficult for Dallas to tag him a third time (he’d get 144% of his previous salary!). Prescott would make record-setting money if he ever made it to the open market and it doesn’t appear the Cowboys are willing to pay that price.

And so with Prescott potentially not long for Dallas, the Cowboys are going to need to think about other quarterback options. Wilson is the type of flashy addition that Jerry Jones would love to have.

This isn’t to suggest it’s a lock to happen. There are potential roadblocks to consider here with the Seahawks’ willingness to trade him, the compensation (Michael Silver said it could take three first-round picks!), the likelihood that Dallas will just tag and keep Prescott, and so on.

But the mere idea, however unlikely, of Wilson joining the Cowboys, is ... not fun to think about! From an Eagles perspective, at least. Wilson has consistently made Philadelphia pay for passing on him three times in the 2012 NFL Draft. He’s 5-0 in five meetings against the Eagles with 10 total touchdowns to just one interception thrown. Even if you think highly of Prescott, Wilson’s still an upgrade on him as an annual MVP contender.

The Eagles’ outlook isn’t so rosy right now (to put it nicely) and it sure wouldn’t improve if Wilson ended up joining their division.

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