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Weapon X Mailbag: How much faith do you have in Jalen Hurts?

Plus: Bring back kelly green?

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Wow, the first mailbag in the post-Carson Wentz era. Let’s get it underway!

@cturboaddict: How much relief should we all really have now that Wentz is gone? How much faith do you have in Jalen Hurts?

I’m so relieved, man. We were waiting for the shoe to drop for nearly two months and, in a way, the separation between Eagles and Carson Wentz had begun nearly a year before that. It was just time to move on. He needed a fresh start. The Eagles organization needed a fresh start. Us fans needed a fresh start. I spent every single day for the last month waiting for the Adam Schefter push notification that a deal was done.

While his play in 2020 was awful, it has more to do about Wentz’s presence on a macro scale than it does his specific play. Yes, as I said, he was pretty terrible this past season, but a cultural reset was needed as we move into the next era of Eagles football and leave the Super Bowl years behind.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Jalen Hurts guy. I’d have preferred to see his development continue under Doug Pederson rather than an entirely new coaching staff, but my belief that he will be an above-average starter in this league remains strong. His poise, leadership, physicality, and mobility are all essential for a quarterback in 2021. When given a full offseason to get to work, especially with new QB coach Brian Johnson, with who Hurts has a lifelong relationship, I’m ready for the full-throttle Hurts experience and to see him develop as a passer.

Give me Hurts, Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, Travis Fulgham, and then one of Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, or Kyle Pitts with some fresh play-calling mixed in. That’s an offensive lineup that actually has me geared up to watch Eagles football.

@georgeythegreek: Thoughts on Eagles passing up on one of Ja’Marr Chase/ DeVonta Smith to take Justin Fields?

I wrote about this in a mailbag last month:

I’ve done a variety of mock drafts over the last month or two for NBC Sports Philly, changing up my top pick at 1-6 numerous times for the sake of avoiding redundancy and spicing things up.

Right now, here’s how I’d go:

1. Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

2. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State

3. DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

Right at this specific second, I’d lean Smith over Justin Fields, but I can talk myself into it. Outside the pipe dream of landing Trevor Lawrence, Fields is QB2 in this draft for me. Trey Lance is a highlight machine, but I need a two-decade moratorium on North Dakota State quarterbacks. I am #TeamHurts, so pairing one of Chase or Smith to go with Hurts gets me all hot and bothered, but, again, it’d be hard to pass on a player of Fields’ talent level.

I’m not going to say, “There’s no way they screw this pick up!” because there are a ton of ways they can, but they’re in a good situation here to land some prime players.

@MNFlagshipStore: Which throwback @Eagles Jersey would you like to see @mitchell_ness produce next?

Great question from my favorite store on the planet. Here are a few considerations:

  • 2010 Kelly Green Asante Samuel
  • 1996 White Troy Vincent
  • 2004 Black Jeremiah Trotter
  • 1960 Kelly Green Tommy McDonald
  • 1992 White Eric Allen (with Jerome Brown “JB” patch)

If any of these gets made, I wouldn’t hate it if a freebie came my way for the helpful suggestion...

@MikeAndCheeese: Since the team isn’t going to be very good, is now the time to bring back the Kelly Green?

This kind of relates to the above question, right?

I had been thinking this over the last several weeks. Fan morale has to be at the lowest it’s been this century. What better way to get engagement up than drop a kelly green alternate uniform set?

Yeah, I know the NFL helmet rule shit. Why not just put a sticker around the entirety of the helmet? I feel like I’m saying, “Why don’t they make the whole plane out of the black box material?” when I ask that question, but it bears repeating.

They’ll print money!

Give me a kelly green #11 Ja’Marr Chase and I’ll try to forget the disaster that was 2020.

If they go kelly green again at any point in the future, they need to go with silver pants too.

Just as a note, I am not in favor of going fully back to the kelly green uniforms, but I am good with replacing the black alternates with them. My reasoning:

@IrishIggles: Late round QBs. Who ya got? Also, how do you feel about the Eagles drafting Kyle Trask?

As for a Day 3 guy, Jamie Newman intrigues me. I wrote about him in my Philly sports newsletter From Broad Street with Love (please sign up) earlier this week when evaluating the Birds’ backup quarterback options for 2021:

I wouldn’t go in this direction, but if the Eagles want to grab a quarterback on Day 3 of the draft this year, Jamie Newman is a guy that gives me good vibes.

Newman was a three-year player at Wake Forest before transferring to Georgia for the 2020 season. Newman opted out of the 2020 season, a move that certainly hurt his draft stock. He’s toolsy, possesses an NFL body at 6’4”, 230 lbs. and is mobile.

Here are his 2019 numbers for the Demon Deacons:

2,868 passing yards, 60.9 percent completion percentage, 7.9 yards per attempt, 26 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 574 rushing yards, six rushing touchdowns

I’m out on Trask. I could see why people might think the Eagles are in on him because they now have his Florida offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in Philly in Brian Johnson, but if you want a quarterback in the draft, either get one of the top-four guys or take a developmental guy on Day 3. I’d rather just roll with Hurts otherwise. His numbers were gaudy for the Gators, but I’m looking for a dude with more mobility in the modern NFL.

@Phillyguy413: Travis Fulgham, flash in the pan? Not used properly or something else?


What about a receiving corps this upcoming season that looks like Travis Fulgham and then one of Chase/Smith/Waddle opposite him with Jalen Reagor in the slot? I’m talking myself into it!

@Tom_bleed_green: What happens to your Wentz jersey now?

I am mailing my Nike North Dakota State Wentz jersey that I wore one time (in a twist of fate, the day Jalen Hurts was drafted) to my friend from college Blaine who is a Colts fan. He’s also the biggest troll alive so I expect a lot of chirping over the next year or two as it relates to Carson’s performance in Indianapolis.

@janmellon: If Wentz doesn’t work out in Indy, should he be labeled a draft bust?

I’d say no. He was a second-team All-Pro selection, won two division titles, and played an integral role on a team that won a Super Bowl. When looking at top-five quarterback selections in the last quarter of the century, teams would take that all day regardless of the fact that it ended up in flames.

@jjsauerw: Can you recommend any good Sunday afternoon hobbies for the next 3-5 years?

Here’s an incomplete list:

  • gambling*
  • reviewing pizza places in your local area
  • becoming a Craft Beer Guy™
  • turning into one of those people who says “sporpsball”
  • reading military history books like Michael Kist
  • nursing hangovers from College Football Saturdays
  • re-binging Bob’s Burgers
  • spending time with loved ones (debatable)

*1-800-GAMBLER for gambling problems

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