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Eagles News: One league source says Howie Roseman is the “sole problem” in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/21/21.

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Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles mailbag: Stick with Jalen Hurts? Why is Howie Roseman still power? - NBCSP
That’s not to say that Roseman has done a good job or even that he deserves to still be in power. In fact, many people who have recently left the organization and some still inside the building think he’s the biggest problem with the franchise. A league source recently told me he thinks Roseman is the “sole problem” in Philly. But I don’t think Roseman is GM for life like some have suggested. Sure, the Super Bowl gave him a longer leash than Doug Pederson but his view for the future of the team also falls in line with Lurie’s. The one thing I know about Lurie, though, is that he won’t like this perception that the Eagles don’t know what they’re doing and he definitely doesn’t like it when the Eagles become the butt of jokes. Remember, Lurie stripped Roseman of personnel power before, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it might happen again in the future. I still think Roseman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but this whole Wentz thing is a catastrophic organizational failure (Wentz deserves some blame too) and if the Eagles can’t rebound like they’re hoping in the next few seasons, then even Roseman might not be immune.

Carson Wentz is easy to blame, but Howie Roseman is the one constant in the Eagles’ dysfunction - Inquirer
If Julio Jones catches that pass in the end zone, here is what history shows: -Three coaching changes in nine years, each of them following a season of epic dysfunction. -Four losing seasons within those nine years. -Zero wide receivers or cornerbacks drafted and developed, and two franchise quarterbacks run out of town, since 2009. -Three seasons of 10+ wins in the last 10 years, two of them by a guy who allegedly ran the organization into the ground. An 81-78-1 record during that span. -An ever-shifting command structure in which nobody ever acknowledges responsibility. There are plenty of people in this city who are enablers, too quick to swallow the organizational narrative regarding the culprit of the moment. Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, Carson Wentz - to say nothing of the bit players like Groh who’ve been assigned a laughably outsized slice of the blame. Each time, they move on, and the world dawns anew. Ding dong, the bad guy’s gone, our nightmare is over. It’s funny. Even Wentz’s most vociferous critics have begun to pivot to less precarious opinions. They see that the Colts have a solid offensive line, an excellent defense, a power running game, a couple of promising receivers, a well-regarded coaching staff. Already, the narrative is shifting from “Wentz can’t win” to “Wentz can’t win here.” Problem is, they do not ask the obvious question. If he can win there, and not here, why exactly is that?

Carson Wentz and the Eagles share blame for what led to their breakup - BGN
“This relationship’s been … let me use the word, “tense.” It’s been tense, I think, the last two or three years. And what kind of gets me, and it’s two-fold, the blame is two-fold. The blame is on Wentz for being the petulant child that now everybody knows he can be and sometimes is. And it also falls on the Eagles and Howie Roseman. Again, because here’s this petulant child, well, what do you do with a petulant child? You slap their hand, go in the corner, calm down, this is your punishment. He never received any of that. What he did receive — and this is where the Eagles are at fault — they enabled his behavior. They enabled that entitlement. They should have put their foot down and said, no, you’re not going to turn around and run this franchise into the ground. Which, in my opinion, he did by holding this team hostage. By playing this game very much out in the public regardless of how much Wentz wants to turn around and said through different connections he doesn’t see the sense in responding right now with different things. Well, no, you should respond. You have to turn around and step up to this criticism. And what bothered guys, or at least the guys that I spoke to, their issue is he’s asking for a trade, so he’s trying to cut out on us. And secondly, he’s asking for a trade and he’s backing away from competition with Jalen Hurts. Because I don’t think you’d find Jalen Hurts backing away from Carson Wentz. Or I don’t think Carson Wentz would back away from the next coming of Joe Montana. He’s going to turn around — from what I know and what I hear about Jalen Hurts — he’s going to fight, he’s going to claw. And the last time I looked, that’s pretty much Philadelphia. That’s this fan base. That’s where people can turn around to and relate to a guy like that, as opposed to someone like Carson Wentz, and I’m going to go here with this, he ran away. And that bothered guys.”

Mailbag: What are the best-worst case outcomes for the Eagles-Colts conditional 2022 draft pick? - PhillyVoice
I think the best case scenario is if he’s not good, but also not so egregiously bad that he’d get benched in favor of Jacob Eason or Jacoby Brissett or whoever their No. 2 is. At first glance, I thought that the Colts being in a bad AFC South was bad for the Eagles, in that the Colts will have a great chance of winning the division. They’re probably the favorites right now. However, the Colts being in that crap division is also the Eagles’ best chance of getting a high first-round pick. In theory, the Colts could have a bad season, and still be contenders into December, fall apart late, and end up with something like, ohhh, saaayyy, a 6-10 record. For example, look at the NFC East last year. The Eagles weren’t eliminated until they lost in Week 16, and they’re picking sixth, as you’re well aware. The worst scenario is if Wentz gets hurt around Week 10 or 11 or something, and the Colts go to the playoffs anyway. In that case the pick is going to be in the 50’s or 60’s, which would be a disaster.

Kapadia: Eagles drafting a QB at No. 6? You better believe that’s in play - The Athletic
The argument for waiting is that they can add a blue-chip player at a different position at No. 6. The roster is devoid of young talent. A big reason for the Wentz trade was to position themselves better for 2022 when they’ll have more cap space. They can buy a year with Hurts, build up the roster and then decide what to do next offseason when they have more information. A segment of the fan base would prefer that the Eagles don’t even think about using their first-round pick on a quarterback. They saw Wentz fail in part because of the lack of talent around him. They saw Roseman use a second-round pick on a quarterback just last year. They want to at least give Hurts a chance. Drafting a quarterback at No. 6, or even trading up, could be another unpopular decision. But given how we’ve seen Lurie and Roseman operate in similar spots in the past, it’s absolutely an option the Eagles will strongly consider.

With Carson Wentz gone, will Eagles hand the keys to Jalen Hurts? - ESPN
We know, for starters, that the Eagles’ decision-makers like Hurts. There were mixed opinions of him inside the building leading up to last year’s draft, but he had some strong advocates, including Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, sources said. Hurts breathed life into the offense when he took over for Wentz over the final quarter of the season and led Philadelphia to an upset Week 14 win against the New Orleans Saints in his first career start. But Hurts cooled some down the stretch and finished with a 52% completion rate and six touchdowns to four interceptions while rushing for 354 yards and three scores. Last season confirmed to management Hurts has a chance to succeed in the NFL, but given the small sample size and mixed results on the field, it would be impossible to know for sure whether he is the guy.

Eagles Extra Q&A: Will Jalen Hurts take over for Carson Wentz as starting quarterback? Should Tyrell Williams be free-agent target? -
Is Tyrod Taylor a good fit for the Eagles as a veteran QB right now? Kaye: As I wrote on Tuesday, Taylor would be an excellent mentor/veteran backup for Hurts, if the Eagles decide to go in that direction. As NJ Advance Media reported in 2019, the Eagles had interest in Taylor before he signed with the Los Angeles Chargers to work under current Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. With Steichen now in Philly, it would make sense to have Taylor mentor Hurts, as the veteran is at the point in his career where he is a premium backup and not a starter. Taylor has won a lot of games in this league — including leading the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs for the first time in over 20 years just three years ago. Hurts and Taylor also have similar styles of play, which would allow the offense to stay in sync if Hurts were to go down with an injury or falter into getting benched.

Ranking the 2016 NFL Draft quarterbacks 5 years later - SB Nation
No. 2: Carson Wentz. I’ve written extensively about the problems that led to Wentz’s downfall in Philadelphia, and that’s what makes him second on this list. When Wentz is on he’s the best quarterback in this class. When he’s plugged in, and things are going his way, Wentz could legitimately be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He showed this during the team’s 2017 Super Bowl run before being injured. There was no shortage of talk whether Wentz was the MVP of the NFL. Now, things are very different. There’s no question he needs to be completely broken down and built back up by the Colts, where he’ll need to learn a healthy dose of humility, and also how to trust his offensive line again. That’s a big task, but Frank Reich knows him well. Looking at future upside I just feel better about Wentz’s prospects than Goff’s, which is why I have him second.

The next few weeks are going to tell us a lot about how the Cowboys plan to handle Dak Prescott - Blogging The Boys
It isn’t breaking news to say that the next few weeks are going to tell us a lot about how the Dallas Cowboys are going to handle Dak Prescott’s contract situation. Beyond the literal truth of this idea, the point we are here to discuss is that the Cowboys should be starting to drop some breadcrumbs relatively soon. As in really soon. Starting this coming Tuesday, February 23rd, teams can begin placing the franchise tag on players and have until March 9th to do so. Those are just two important dates with regards to the franchise tag as July 15th is the other (unfortunately the 2021 NFL Draft falls between them).


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