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Eagles News: Carson Wentz “lost faith” in Howie Roseman’s decision-making

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/19/21.

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Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Carson Wentz trade marks a dark day for Howie Roseman and the Eagles - Inquirer
Much was made of the disintegration of Wentz’s relationship with former coach Doug Pederson. And while it factored into his reported desire for a trade after he was benched for Hurts in December, Wentz’s reasons for wanting out ran far deeper. Even after Pederson was fired last month, the quarterback preferred to play elsewhere, sources familiar with Wentz’s thinking said. While it could be stated that he had lost trust in Roseman, a more accurate assessment, per one source, was that he had “lost faith in his decision-making.” The same, to an extent, could be said of Wentz’s assessment of Jeffrey Lurie, whose belief in his longtime general manager remains steadfast. The Eagles’ owner, after all, was on board when Roseman made the unprecedented decision to draft Hurts — both men too wrapped up in the benefits without seeing the potential risks.

Howie Roseman both won — and lost — the Carson Wentz trade - BGN
What remains true is that the Eagles got good value for the hand they were dealt, in that they got any significant picks for Wentz. Roseman had little option but to trade him, even for his massive cap hit, which may be a bit easier to swallow now that the cap floor for 2021 has apparently been raised. The incoming capital from the Colts could be critical in adding talent to a depleted roster, or trading up for a new rookie quarterback, like Zach Wilson, at the top of the 2021 NFL Draft. But that does not exonerate Roseman, who was the chief architect of the trap in which he found himself. Wentz’s career bottomed out in Philadelphia in large part because of Roseman’s inability to acquire talented, healthy players on the offensive line and in the wide receiver room. The roster is depleted and needs to hit on draft picks because the Eagles have drafted poorly across the last few seasons. The Eagles now have to debate a QB trade-up despite selecting Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, which could force them into the dangerous high wire act of a young QB competition. These pressures, all of which contributed to the Wentz trade, were primarily generated by Roseman. The value he got from Wentz is strong, but the Colts were a fairly convenient escape hatch. Had Rivers not retired or Frank Reich not earned so much of Chris Ballard’s trust, there’s a chance he couldn’t have escaped this hell of his own machinations.

Carson Wentz Trade‪!‬ - BGN Radio
Wentz to Indianapolis?! Brandon Gowton and Jimmy Kempski are joined by Benjamin Solak to react to the breaking news of the Carson Wentz trade: Did anyone really win the trade? Does Jalen Hurts start next season in Philadelphia? What is Wentz’s legacy as an Eagle? Will the Eagles draft a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft?

The Carson Wentz trade is a win-win for Colts and Eagles - SB Nation
Why the Eagles are winners. They found a trade partner. That’s really the biggest element of all this. When the team committed to Jalen Hurts at quarterback there was a dire need to move Wentz and get his contract off the books, and the longer this process dragged on, the lower the price would have become. Making a trade in February sets the team up better for the future. Now Philly can look ahead to the draft. Should Wentz be revitalized it will also give the team a future first-round pick to support Hurts more, and continue building their team. There’s undoubtedly a little disappointment from the front office they couldn’t get more in a trade. There were reports they wanted “considerable compensation” in return for the former No. 2 overall pick, and getting a third and a conditional second is definitely not that. However, getting Wentz off the books was critical — and that alone means they won this deal too.

The Look Ahead #24: Colts Agree to Trade for Carson Went‪z‬ - The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation) & RJ Ochoa (Blogging the Boys) react to the news that the Eagles will trade Carson Wentz to the Colts with Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation. Do the Eagles deserve credit for the deal or blame for having to make it in the first place? What are reasonable expectations for Wentz in Indy and how can they help him succeed? What do the Eagles do with the 6th pick in the draft? The only way for Jerry Jones to salvage the Dak Prescott situation.

No one has any idea how to grade the Eagles’ Carson Wentz trade - PhillyVoice
Eagles fans, via BGN: 25% give it an F That’s the biggest takeaway from this fan Bleeding Green Nation poll that has almost 10,000 votes. That, or over 70% of the fan base grades this as a C or lower. It’s hard to get 70% of Eagles fans to agree on anything...

Carson Went - Iggles Blitz
A lot of people refer to this situation as an organizational failure. That is fair. The Eagles did a great job in acquiring Wentz and getting him off to a strong start in his first two years. After that, things fell apart for a number of reasons. There is a lot of blame to go around. Howie Roseman gets a lot of it. Jeff Lurie has his share as well. Doug Pederson is part of this mess. We can’t absolve Wentz, though. He also played a key role in things falling apart. You can play the blame game and focus on who is most at fault, but that seems like a waste of time to me. This situation is a big shit sandwich and there were a lot of people helping to make it.

The Carson Wentz era really ended when Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts - NBCSP
Either don’t sign him to a $128 million extension or don’t draft Hurts. If you’re the Eagles you simply can’t do both. Either Wentz is your quarterback or he’s not. Either you’re committed to him or you’re not. Either you believe in him or you don’t. Now, I’m not crazy about the way Wentz responded to all this. I don’t blame him for being disappointed or upset, but I also want my franchise quarterback to be a fighter. To face up to every challenge by rolling up his sleeves and growing even more determined than ever. If you don’t like Hurts being here, go out and prove you’re better than him. Embrace the challenge.

Carson Wentz traded to Colts: 5 key questions about what it means for the Eagles - The Athletic
Is this a good outcome for the Eagles? — Kapadia: In the grand scheme of things? No. And I think owner Jeffrey Lurie and Roseman would admit as much. Three years ago, they seemed well-positioned for sustained success with Doug Pederson and Wentz. Now, both the head coach and the quarterback are gone. The Eagles are left with a roster that is short on young talent, and they’re in bad cap shape in 2021. The organization has made mistake after mistake since that Super Bowl victory, and now it faces a significant rebuild. So it’s not like this move deserves a smiley-face sticker. However, if we’re talking specifically about the Eagles’ options with Wentz this offseason, I think this was the right move. Given his inability to fix his major weaknesses — accuracy, ball security — it seemed like a bit of a stretch to think the Eagles could fix him, especially given the state of their roster and their limited resources to improve his supporting cast. Now they’ll have more flexibility starting in 2022, and they can figure out how best to move forward with Nick Sirianni.

Breaking News: Eagles trade QB Carson Wentz to the Colts for a 2021 3rd-round pick, 2022 conditional 2nd rounder - Stampede Blue
Wentz really hasn’t been the same type of star quarterback since—having seen his shine fade over the past three seasons. That being said, Reich and him have had a positive working relationship in the past, and playing in the Colts head coach’s ‘quarterback-friendly’ offensive system and behind a strong offensive line (assuming Indy can shore up left tackle) and backed by a Jonathan Taylor-led power running game, it’s very possible Wentz could rebound in 2021. Reich, as a former NFL quarterback himself, may know better than anyone on how to fix Wentz—and what ‘truly makes him tick’ from their past time together in Philadelphia. Still only 28 years old and with his high draft pedigree—and former 2017 standout season to draw confidence from, Wentz still has the tantalizing talent to theoretically salvage.

Eagles trade QB Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts - PFF
The likelihood of an elite, 80th-percentile career for Wentz fell slightly after a difficult rookie season then rose over the next two years before a slight step back in 2019. The fall in 2020 was precipitous, from 17.8% to only 7%. That fall mirrors the decline in 65th and 50th percentile outcomes to 30.6% and 54.2%, respectively. While a most likely outcome of average, Alex Smith-like quarterback play isn’t thrilling, it is a winning formula with the right supporting cast and a positive step for a Colts team that just lost a declining Philip Rivers to retirement.

The Biggest Dead Money Cap Charges Of All Time - Over The Cap
Carson Wentz, Eagles- $33.82 million/18.79% of 2021 cap. This is the new addition just today to the lit and it is a whopper. This was essentially the same as the Jared Goff contract situation except the Eagles were far more aggressive on using Wentz for cap relief. Wentz was paid a $16.4 million signing bonus in 2019 and a $30 million option bonus in 2020 only to be benched at the end of the 2020 year. Just today the report came out that he will be traded to the Colts in return for a 3rd and 2nd round pick next year that could increase to a 1st rounder depending on how he plays. The numbers here are nuts. The next closest player we had a record of was Aikman at 14.9% and even if the cap was normal this year Wentz’ dead money would represent about 16% of the salary cap. As I mentioned above it took nearly 20 years to go from $10 to $20 million in dead money and the jump from $20 to $30 million only took a year due to Wentz. My assumption is that this number will hold for quite some time given the way teams now approach the salary cap and it may fundamentally change the way some extensions are approached in the future.

Jalen Hurts is the reason the Eagles don’t need to draft Carson Wentz’s replacement - TouchdownWire
But in the grand scheme of things, these are relatively minor and workable quibbles. Obviously, Sirianni is going to want his own ideal quarterback, but unless Zach Wilson somehow falls past the Jets at 2, the Dolphins at 3, and the Falcons at 4 (the Bengals aren’t in the market for a quarterback), Jalen Hurts has shown enough to be given a legitimate shot through an entire offseason to prepare as the starting quarterback, and then show what he can do in that capacity from start to finish.

Carson Wentz traded to Colts: Eagles shouldn’t rush to draft 1st-round quarterback | Opinion -
Instead of trading up — with the extra draft capital acquired in the Wentz deal — to land a quarterback prospect like BYU’s Zach Wilson or Ohio State’s Justin Fields, the Eagles should upgrade the talent around the position, preferably with Hurts under center. Wentz struggled mightily last season, partly because of the turnstile on the offensive line and the growing pains at wide receiver. Why would the Eagles set up another young quarterback to struggle with limited resources? Drafting a top-notch playmaker like LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase or Alabama’s DeVonta Smith would enhance the offense around Hurts. If Hurts doesn’t play well next season, the Eagles can then go back to the drawing board at the position, because they’ll be picking high again next year. If they land a game-changing receiver who is ready-made for the next guy, all the more reason to feel good about a turnaround down the road.

Carson Wentz traded: NFL experts debate and grade the deal for the Eagles and Colts - ESPN+
Should the Eagles stick with Hurts as their starter in 2021? — Yates: It ... depends. Hurts showed promise in his four starts, while also completing just 52% of his passes on the season. If there is a quarterback Philly holds in high regard at No. 6, by no means should that be off the table. If not, I would not force the issue.

The Eagles Bet Big on Carson Wentz and Lost. But They’re Not Out of Options. - The Ringer
The Jaguars are almost certainly going to draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence no. 1 overall. Considering the Bengals and Dolphins just picked quarterbacks in the top five last season, they are probably not in the market for another young passer. That leaves the Jets, Falcons, and Eagles looking at three top quarterback prospects: Ohio State’s Justin Fields, BYU’s Zach Wilson, and North Dakota State’s Trey Lance. The Eagles have the last pick of the group, but they also now have the Colts draft picks to trade if they want to try and leapfrog Atlanta. The Eagles could move up, but they also don’t have to. If a team in the top five tries to squeeze the Eagles for more picks, Philly can just roll into 2021 with Hurts under center. We don’t know which quarterback the Eagles may want to add, but we do know they like having a lot of passers, and that they have plenty of options to add another good one. As long as Roseman is in charge, it’s unlikely he put all of the Eagles’ eggs in one basket again. After all, Philadelphia’s fortunes used to go as Carson Wentz went. Now the team might have commitment issues for the foreseeable future.

Colts Might Be Right for Wentz but Little Time to Prove It - Sports Illustrated
General manager Chris Ballard may not come out and say it, but he’s built a roster that is probably another left tackle away from seriously contending for the Super Bowl (with the right quarterback). Given the era of nomadic, championship-seeking quarterback movement, will Ballard squander resources in order to give Wentz a long-term shot, especially if he can just find another quarterback next year? Put another way: If Wentz doesn’t come out of the gate like the quarterback who led Philadelphia to the 2017 playoffs, and the Colts are fading from contention by December, what’s to stop Indy from pumping the brakes on the Wentz experiment in fear that a looming draft pick doesn’t become far more valuable?

Eagles trade Carson Wentz to the Colts - Windy City Gridiron
The Bears apparently were never willing to go over the top with an offer for a quarterback that was coming off his worst season as a pro, was three years removed from his lone Pro Bowl acknowledgement, and that had several injuries over the last few years. The Bears interest seemed to stall the in the last week as the Eagles tried to leverage them for more picks through the media, but Chicago general manager Ryan Pace didn’t take the bait. SiriusXM’s Adam Caplan is reporting that the Bears backed completely out of the trade talks recently.

How Carson Wentz trade affects Colts fantasy football outlook in 2021 - DraftKings Nation
Wentz has more upside than Rivers did in his final year and could elevate the offense compared to last season. He is a volatile player as we saw on full display in 2020, but Reich should be able to bring him back to the light and baby step him back to competence. With the Colts playmakers other than Jonathan Taylor still very much in flux, we can’t feel great about targeting any of them in fantasy, but Pittman showed well enough his rookie year that I’d take the risk on him, especially if Hilton ends up moving on in free agency.

Carson Wentz traded to the Indianapolis Colts - Fake Teams
Fantasy Impact: The Colts made the most sense as a landing spot for Wentz with Frank Reich as their head coach. Now the two will hopefully try and rekindle some of the magic they had together in Philly. Fantasy-wise, definitely the best landing spot for Wentz to try and return to his old self (whatever version that might be). The Colts have a great offensive line and strong ground game, plus Michael Pittman Jr. flashed last year and now the Colts might bring back T.Y. Hilton.

Fantasy winners and losers of the Wentz trade - NBC Sports Edge
Hurts as the Eagles’ starter could be the key for those determined to wait and wait and wait on their quarterback in one-QB formats. It’s Hurts’ rushing potential that unlocks the LRQB strategy, just as Lamar Jackson did in 2019, and Tyrod Taylor before him, and Robert Griffin III before him. You’re probably not going to find a late-round signal caller who is going to pour on enough passing yardage to prove a no-brainer every week fantasy starter. You’re going to need the rushing: that’s precisely what Hurts gives you. Hurts, after taking over for Wentz late in 2020, rushed 18, 11, nine, and eight times in four starts. He almost certainly would have had double-digit rushing attempts in Wee 17 if Doug Pederson hadn’t triggered Joe Judge by benching Hurts for Nate Sudfeld. Hurts scored a gaudy 45.2 fantasy points on the ground in those four games. He was the QB7 over that stretch, just a smidge behind Kirk Cousins and Tom Brady. We’ll likely see Hurts drafted well outside the top-12 QBs this summer, offering an avenue for those who refuse to give in to a centrist middle round quarterback draft strategy.

2021 NFL trades: The Philadelphia Eagles have traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts - Blogging The Boys
Collectively Carson Wentz played six games against the Dallas Cowboys that held significance and where Dak Prescott played. He was 2-4 in those contests. We can sit here and laud Dak Prescott all we want, but the fact remains that he is still unsigned. And while Wentz has now been moved by Philly, he represents an important philosophy - you can get out of any deal you want if you are creative enough.

No QBs drafted in first round from 2009-16 are set to be on original team in 2021 - PFT
There were 22 quarterbacks drafted in the first round between the 2009 and 2016 seasons and all of them came with hopes that they’d lead their teams for years to come. Some of those players had extended runs with their original teams, but, as Field Yates of ESPN notes, none of them are expected to be with the team that drafted them when the 2021 season gets underway. Carson Wentz was the last of the 22 set to be with the same team, but Thursday’s word that the Colts and Eagles have agreed on a trade means it will be a clean sweep as long as that trade and the Matthew Stafford–Jared Goff swap go through as planned.


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