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Rumor: Bears getting “really impatient” with Eagles in Carson Wentz trade talks

The latest buzz on Philadelphia’s quarterback.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

For all the talk about a Carson Wentz trade happening “soon,” we’ve yet to see a deal materialize.

So, what gives?

All indications are the Eagles have offers on the table but they’re not lucrative enough for Philly to pull the trigger. It seems like Howie Roseman is holding out for the perfect bid to come in.

But will that ever arrive? The Eagles are potentially running the risk of Wentz offers being pulled off the table by waiting too long.

On that note, Windy City Gridiron contributor Brandon Robinson recently appeared on The Bear Report Podcast to talk about where things stand with Wentz and the Bears.

“So from what I understand, the Bears made an offer that was bigger than what the Colts had already offered. The Bears had previously offered two 2’s, so it was bigger than that. And they went back to the Colts, the Eagles did, and the Colts said they weren’t budging. And from what I understand, what the Colts had offered was somewhat similar to what the Bears had already offered, but maybe a little bit less. But the Eagles wanted Carson Wentz out of the NFC that much that they were able to maybe take a little bit less. So, what the Eagles have been trying to do is, they’re trying to negotiate, like, time and time again [through] every single reporter that will listen that they need more and they’re telling everybody two 1’s and that’s just not the case at all. And now the Bears are getting really impatient, which, I don’t blame them because they have to figure out what they’re doing at quarterback and they can’t go to the start of free agency because of the salary cap and where it’s going to put them. They checked in on Derek Carr, the Raiders want way too much. And so basically the Eagles are pretty much forced to deal Carson just to the Bears, but they want more, and I don’t blame them for wanting more. If I was the Eagles, I would stretch this out as far as possible, wait to see if Ryan Pace goes nuclear and ends up sending two 1’s, but it’s an interesting predicament.”


“I don’t think I’ve said this yet, and I want to include this: I think 100% [Nick] Foles will be in the deal because that is an important part of the deal because Carson will not want him in the same locker room. But, what I expect is … if I had to place it right now, it would be next year’s first, and this year’s third-round pick. Or … this year’s first and next year’s fourth, but it being conditional on a certain amount of games that Carson plays. I don’t think that the Bears get any picks from the Eagles besides maybe a sixth-round pick next year or something really, really miniscule. I don’t think any other players will be involved from the Bears. I don’t think any other players will be involved from the Eagles. I haven’t heard from any of my sources about [Zach] Ertz. I have from other people who have other sources about Ertz. But just from what I know, I haven’t heard his name or any other players.

It’s hard to imagine the Eagles are gaining leverage by waiting because each passing day draws closer to $10 million of Wentz’s 2022 salary becoming fully guaranteed on March 19. At some point, the Eagles have to realize the offers aren’t getting any better and they need to take the best one and move on. It’s not like keeping Wentz is a realistic option when it seems pretty clear he doesn’t want to be in Philly.

A package like the Bears’ 2022 first-round pick, 2021 third-round pick, and Foles is a worthwhile offer. There’s a decent chance things go poorly in Chicago next season. The Eagles might be able to package the Bears’ pick and their own 2022 selection to trade up for a quarterback next year if Jalen Hurts struggles as a starter. Or just use the picks to build around him if he’s looking like the long-term answer.

In the meantime, it’s not just the Bears who are growing impatient. Everyone is eager to see what this seemingly inevitable deal looks like.

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