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Kary Vincent Jr. talks about what he can bring to the Eagles

The newest Eagles DB expects to be inactive for this week’s game but says this is the type of team he’s ‘glad to be a part of.’

The Eagles did make a trade just ahead of the deadline earlier this week, adding Kary Vincent Jr. from the Broncos and sending a 2022 sixth-round pick to Denver. The rookie spoke to Philly reporters on Friday and was all smiles talking about why he’s excited for this opportunity and what he can bring to the team.

Vincent said that he’s pretty sure he’ll be inactive this week against the Chargers, but he’s excited to be here and he gets a really strong family vibe from the locker room.

“It’s the type of team I’m glad to be apart of.”

Here’s what else Vincent had to say:

On being traded to Philly

“I can’t say that I knew it was coming, I was most definitely surprised. Tuesday being our off day, I was just at home relaxing, preparing for practice. I got a call that I was getting traded to Philly. It caught me off guard, but getting here was an exciting thing for me and I’m excited to be here and compete, and help this team go forward.”

He went on to say that the first person he talked to was Howie Roseman, who sound “super excited” which ultimately made him excited to have someone embrace him like that. Vincent went on to pack as much as he could within about an hour, got his flight, and he was headed to Philly.

The young CB said that he doesn’t recall even meeting with the Eagles during the pre-draft process, but Roseman told him they’ve been interested in him for awhile.

“He said they saw me in preseason, and he actually told me that they’ve been trying to get me since the preseason, but the Broncos were keeping me. Like I said, hearing that from him made me excited, and I can’t wait to compete and play for the guys.”

Vincent opted out of the 2020 season, so he understood his draft status with teams not having seen him for a year, noting there were a lot of questions about whether he could still perform and if he was still in shape. He expected that to impact things, but was blessed to still be drafted — even if it was in the seventh round — and he’s eager to show teams what they missed out on.

On reconnecting with JaCoby Stevens

“Me and JaCoby are real close. Won a Championship together at LSU, came in together. I’ve basically known him five-plus years so we’re real close, so it’s pretty cool to come to a team like this and have guys you have a history with. I have a few guys on this team that I have history with.”

On his skillset

“I’m a Swiss Army Knife. That’s another reason that was big — why the coaches were happy to get me here, I’ve played everywhere, safety, corner, nickel. I do it all, and I’m excited to be wherever they need me to be.”

He’s been in Philly for two days and they’ve had him at corner and nickel so far, and they have him learning both spots initially. Vincent understands that it’s going to take time for him catch up with the rest of the guys, but everyone has been embracing him and he’s been involved in practice and walk-throughs.

Aside from his versatility, Vincent said another thing the coaches love about him is his coverage skills, particularly in man-to-man. He admitted that he didn’t have much familiarity with the Eagles coaching staff before joining the team, but early impressions are that the defense is similar to what he did at LSU, with players moving around and playing in different spots, and he’s super excited about that.

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