La di F*ckin Da.


Hurts played bad, sure. But when the game was on the line and the Eagles needed to score, Hurts did exactly what he needed to do. I'm not going to knock the guy for having a bad game. But it is evident now more than ever that the Eagles need a legitimate #1 WR to compliment Smith's lanky play style.

Jalean Reagor had a difficult task, being drafted way higher than he should have, and forever will be compared to the "what ifs" had we drafted Justin Jefferson. But despite the difficult position, Reagor simply hasn't done anything in his 2 year career to mask, or bandaid, or cover up all of his bad plays. As a returner, Reagor is simply a non-factor. He can't hit the hole, he's afraid to get tackled, he runs out of bounds too much, and he's indecisive. As a receiver, he does more to help the team when he's simply not targeted as opposed to being targeted. Besides the first game of the 2020 season against WFT where he had a 53 yard catch in the first half, I have never seen Reagor do anything significant in non-garbage time. Yesterday's performance was the straw the broke the camels back. We all saw the drops. We all cursed at our TV. We all screamed "we need to bench this guy". Why Reagor was targeted more than anyone on the team is beyond me. Why you are throwing to him twice on the final drive instead of Smith or Goedart is mind-numbing. If you watch the replay of the last play, Smith was also wide open. Honestly, I would have rather thrown it up to JJAW than Reagor. Sure, Whiteside dropped the ball last year against the Lions, but at least he's caught his TWO targets this season.

In a virtually must-win game against a putrid NY Giants team, Reagor couldn't do anything to salvage his reputation, despite the numerous chances he was given. Anyone who has ever had a football catch in their life could have come down with at least one of those passes yesterday. Sure let's give him a pass on the first one since "there was a defender guarding him" (isn't that how you play football, thought??!), and just knock him for the last play of the game. Any WR in the league, when the defender's back is to the ball and you are able to get both hands on the football, would catch that ball. No doubt. The only person I could fathom dropping that pass is 2016 Nelson Agholor. Which then makes me lose my hair thinking how bad the Eagles are at drafting WRs. Why does it seem that every other team who takes a receiver in the first round, is rewarded with a gem. Yet for the Eagles, we swing and miss all the time. First there was Agholor, whose horrible 2016 season looks incredible compared to 2021 Reagor. Then there was swings and misses with JJAW and John Hightower in the second rounds of drafts. Now Reagor. It's brutal. We struck gold with Desean Jackson in 2008. And maybe Devonta Smith will turn out to be a really solid WR once he gets some help. But we've really shit the bed for over a decade in drafting WRs.

Think about this.... In the 2020 draft, someone within the Eagles scouting team actually came to the conclusion that Reagor was a better receiver than Justin Jefferson. When Jefferson fell into our laps, someone in the building had to have said "lets go with Reagor, instead." If that person is still employed today, he needs to be fired without severance.

I feel bad for Reagor, and I'm sure he feels worse than anyone. But at the same time, you're a millionaire paid to catch footballs. Your job is literally what we all do in our downtime to relax. You won the lottery being in your position, but you can't ever deliver! How is that possible? Could you imagine if like, Mike Evans was in that position yesterday? He would have not only caught the ball, but would have also taken off the defenders head. I know mIke Evans is incredible, but it's just impossible to think of any good WR not being able to come down with one of those balls. Imagine 2004 TO? Jesus christ.